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Flower Transport & Display

As a florist, you take your craft seriously, crafting beautiful bouquets that are one of a kind and sometimes even made according to your customer's specifications. The placement of each flower is meticulous and one that you hope will be given the ultimate flower care by the customer once they receive it. It is a shame, then, to put these floral bouquets together only to leave them vulnerable during transit from the florist shop to the final destination. 

Fortunately, there are flower transport treatments and flower display treatment options that you can use to help transport them more easily. Transport treatment for cut flowers is one of the ways to do this, while flower wraps are another. Through Koch & Co, you can keep these flowers fresh and neatly arranged in the same way you did in your shop. 

Here, we offer Chrysal Arrive Alive, Koch & Co Get It Fresh and other flower transport treatment to choose from. We also offer flower bags and floral wraps to make them easier to transport. With this combination of products all in one place, we easily will become your one-stop-shop professional florists to transport their cut flowers with a product that also reduces wastage. No matter the size of your bouquet or the types of flowers that you use, you'll find what you're looking for here with us. Browse our selection of flower display treatment options and take home your own today no matter where in Australia you live.

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