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Leaf Shine & Sealer

Leaf shine & sealers add an instant natural gloss to your beautiful arrangements and fresh plants. Leaf shine spray is one of many highly effective foliage treatments available at Koch & Co which helps refresh your flowers and protect your plants’ foliage.

Leaf shine for plants helps your potted plants look their best at all times. Some of the products we recommend using include Chrysal® Pokon Leaf Shine Spray. This versatile plant leaf shine spray hydrates, refreshes, and nourishes fresh flowers, foliage, and potted plants. This product works with all flower types and prevents premature petal drop, dehydration, wilting and browning.

We also recommend using Floralife® Leaf Shine Spray. This product is used to help create healthy and naturally glossy leaves. It also prevents the settling of dust and removes water spots.

If you are looking for something to help clean your artificial flower arrangements, then Design Master Silk Flower Cleaner is the best choice. This waterless solution gently removes dust and small particles from your silk flowers and plants.

Caring for flowers with Koch Floral Basics products is the best flower care for fresh flowers. We sell our products Australia-wide, with quick delivery to metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. Shop for everything you need in-store or online today.

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