Christmas Picks

Use our Christmas picks and holly decorations to add the finishing touches on your gifts, hampers and flower arrangements and add some festive flair to your and Christmas wrapping. Our range of Christmas tree picks feature pinecones, small gift boxes, drums and stars to create a range of Christmas themes. 
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Christmas Picks - Christmas Pick with Bells 4 Pack Silver (12.5cmH)
$5.31 ea
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Our Christmas picks come with bendable stems for easy attachment to a Christmas tree, gift or hamper. Our Christmas holly decorations are also ideal to decorate the home for the festive season. We stock artificial holly leaves which can accompany our Christmas flower arrangements or decorate the home or office. 

Koch & Co are importers, national distributors and wholesalers and we stock Australia's widest range of Christmas decorations and ornaments. All our products including high quality Christmas picks