Sale Or Return Offer

How it works:

Based on your location and trading history with Koch, a Sales Representative must visit your store, discuss arrangements, take your order and ensure that this agreement is signed. The intention of this arrangement is to provide a service for our customers and give them opportunity to trial our products at a minimised risk hence building a long term relationship with our soft plush toy products. We would like to be in a position where we can replace goods returned with new stock. If this is not the intention of the customer then this will not be a suitable arrangement to put into place from the start. Some exceptions may apply.

The SOR offer will be extended to COD customers but any goods returned will be credited against the customers account. No refund will be given.

Provided the following conditions are met then goods purchased under this SOR agreement may be returned for a credit on your account.


1) The customer, by signing this agreement, accepts that Koch & Co, at its sole discretion, has the right to cancel the agreement if the customers account is not kept up to date and trading within the agreed trading terms. If Koch has previously or currently allowed the customer to trade outside their trading terms for any reason, Koch does not forfeit this right.
2) Goods can not be returned without prior notification to Koch and without the issuing of an authorisation number from Koch.
3) Goods must be returned with a copy of original invoice.
4) Goods are to be packed in clearly marked cartons stating your company details, invoice number(s) and authorisation number
5) Goods must not be older than 3 months General Soft Toys. Seasonal Sale or return toys must not be greater than 30 Days.
6) Goods must not be soiled and fit for resale.
7) All items Sold as Assorted Pack must be returned in full , this means "part" assortment packs will not be accepted as these are considered incomplete and unsaleable.
8) All pricing is removed without damage to labels. Items without labels are considered to be unsaleable.
9) Items sold on Special and/or promotion or customised CSO goods can not to be returned. This means that if you have elected to take a special promotion deal, you can have a choice of either the deal or the Sale or Return but not both. Koch reserves the right to offer product from time to time that will not be covered by this agreement.
10) Return freight is at the customer's expense.


(a) Risk in any goods supplied by Koch & Co Pty Ltd to a customer shall pass when such goods are delivered to the customer or custody on the customer's behalf but ownership in property (both legal and equitable) in such goods is retained by Koch & Co Pty Ltd to the customer. If such goods are sold by the customer prior to payment for such goods then the proceeds of sale thereof shall be the property of Koch & Co Pty Ltd.
(b) While any moneys are outstanding by the customer to Koch & Co Pty Ltd the customer hereby grants to Koch & Co Pty Ltd the free and uninterrupted right to enter the premises of the customer during normal business hours to uplift any goods which have been delivered by Koch & Co Pty Ltd to the customer.

Please Note: This is not stock on consignment. Koch will invoice and deliver the customer for the goods selected by them. The customer by virtue of this process has committed to purchase the goods. If the customer then wishes to take the opportunity to return goods under this agreement, the customer may do so provided the above terms and conditions have been met.

Please contact us for a Sale or Return form.