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Art Glass FAQ

Is Koch & Co Art Glass collections Murano Glass?

No, our Art Glass is not Murano glass although similar techniques of hand blowing and shaping coloured glass may have been used.

Is Koch & Co Art Glass handmade?

Yes, every piece is mouth blown and hand made. Every piece will be different. 

Where is Koch & Co Art Glass made? 

Our Art Glass is made in the province of Dalian in the north of China. This area is famous for making this style of glass.

Is the Koch & Co Art Glass heavy or light weight?

Because of the mixture of silica sand, fluxes, oxides and minerals the glass is quite heavy.

Why is Koch & Co Art Glass so much more expensive than clear vases or other coloured vases?

Once again, because it is handmade and the quality of the material colours as well as the workmanship will make it somewhat more expensive than regular mouth blown vases.

Is Koch & Co Art Glass suitable for flower arrangements?

Of course. Our vases are actually made with floral arrangements in mind. They are heavy and sturdy allowing for quite tall arrangements to be displayed safely.


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