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Awareness Ribbons FAQ

What are awareness ribbons?

Awareness ribbons are small, looped pieces of ribbon that people wear as a badge to show support for a cause that is close to their hearts. These ribbons can help raise public awareness and important funds for causes that need them the most, like breast cancer research and suicide prevention.

How do I make my own awareness ribbon?

This is a simple process that only takes a few products to make. To view our step-by-step instructions on how to make your own awareness ribbon, check out our helpful Koch blog What Awareness Ribbons Mean & How To Make Your Own.

What ribbon material should I use to make my awareness ribbon?

We recommend using satin or grosgrain ribbon to create your awareness ribbon. Satin ribbon can add a beautiful shine to your design, and grosgrain ribbon is a more durable material because of its ribbed design. Traditionally, awareness ribbons are made with no pattern on them allowing the colour to be the main feature of the design.

What is the best ribbon width to use for an awareness ribbon?

We recommend using a 15mm width ribbon. This width is not too thick or thin and can easily create the awareness ribbons signature loop. It also has enough room so you can comfortably add a pin to the back of the ribbon, which you need in order to display it on your clothing.

Where do I display my awareness ribbon on my clothing?

Traditionally, you pin an awareness ribbon on the left-hand side of your chest so the ribbon sits over your heart. However, if done respectfully you can display your awareness ribbon anywhere on your clothing or another item, such as a bag or a hat.

Are awareness ribbons copyrighted products?

Yes, they are a copyrighted product of the organisations they represent. Awareness ribbons that you create yourself should be used for awareness-raising purposes only, and NOT for any fundraising activities. If you wish to sell your awareness ribbons to raise funds for a cause, we advise you to first get in touch with the organisation in question and seek permission from them.

Does Koch & Co sell awareness ribbons?

No. We do sell plain ribbons and other supplies, such as hot glue guns etc., to help make your own awareness ribbons. However, we do not sell official awareness ribbons because they are a copyrighted product of the organisations they represent.

Are awareness ribbon colours the same in all countries?

No, awareness ribbons can differ from country to country. To help, we have created a guide outlining which awareness ribbons support which causes in Australia. You can view our guide here.

Which coloured awareness ribbons represent which causes?

There are a number of awareness ribbons that represent different causes and most ribbons even have multiple causes assigned to their colour. To help, we have created a guide about what the different awareness ribbons mean in Australia, which you can view here.

What are the most common awareness ribbon colours in Australia?
  • Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon
  • Yellow – Suicide Awareness Ribbon
  • Red – AIDS / HIV Awareness Ribbon
  • White – Domestic Violence Awareness Ribbon
  • Light Blue – Childhood Cancer Awareness Ribbon