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Coconut Fibre FAQ

What is Coconut Fibre?

Coconut Fibre is a natural fibre extracted from the outer husk of the coconut. When it is harvested, the fibre is washed and dried before being separated into bundles. 

What can you use it for?

Coconut Fibre is an extremely versatile product that is ideal for using in hamper baskets, bags, containers, nested boxes, hanging baskets, on top of potted planters and more.

Is coconut fibre eco-friendly?

Yes. Coconut fibre is a 100% natural product.

Coconut fibre products can be recycled and will eventually degrade under the right circumstances. For more information, contact your local council or waste management centre about how to dispose of the product properly. 

How do I dispose of coconut fibre?

Because it is a 100% organic product, you can dispose of it in your Green Lid Garden Organics Bin. This bin may vary from state-to-state; please check with your local council if unsure.

Are there any added chemicals or preservatives?

No. Our Coconut Fibre is a 100% natural product which has no added chemicals or preservatives.

What is the shelf life of coconut fibre?

Up to 1 Year. Please remember to always seal your bag after use and store it in a dry area, as damp or humid conditions can affect the quality of the product over time.

Where is it packaged?

Our Coconut Fibre is packaged in Australia. Please note that we cannot guarantee the exact amount in each bag as they are manually packed, and the density and length of fibre can change slightly.