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Dripless Dinner Candles FAQ

Are Koch & Co’s dinner candles dripless?

Yes. A majority of our dinner candles are dripless. However, some are not. Please refer to the product description for specific information about a particular candle.

What are Koch & Co dinner candles made of?

A majority of our dinner candles are made with high-quality, dense paraffin wax. Please refer to the product description for further information.

Why do Koch & Co’s dinner candles not drip wax?

While every candle creates liquid wax as it burns, not all will create drips. This is because of the kind of wax and wick used to make the candle. Koch & Co’s dripless candles are made from high-quality, dense paraffin wax, which has a high melting point. This harder wax helps the candle burn evenly and prevents the wax from spilling over the sides. The wick used is also thicker than a normal candle. This thicker wick absorbs more wax and reduces liquid build-up which can cause drips.

What can cause my Koch & Co dinner candle to drip wax?

Dripless candles do not mean that they are drip-proof. Your dripless dinner candle will drip if it is not straight, exposed to a draft, or too close to a nearby candle. Because of how long and skinny a dinner candle is, you will need to position it perfectly straight in your candleholder to avoid melted wax seeping down the edges. Also, if your candle is exposed to a draft or too close to a nearby flame this can cause the hard outer rim of the candle to melt and drip wax.

How do I make my Koch & Co dinner candle stand straight?

Take a long neck lighter and slightly melt the bottom of the candle that does not have the wick sticking out of it. When the candle is slightly melted, place the bottom end of the candle into the candle holder and hold it in place for 1 minute whilst the wax dries. As it cools, the candle will form a bond with the candle holder and stick to the bottom. Once the candle feels secure, slowly release your grip on the candle. The candle should now stand straight in the candle holder without added support.

Are dinner candles, candlesticks, and taper candles the same thing?

Yes. These names are all interchangeable words for the same product.

Why are Koch & Co’s dripless dinner candles popular?

Dripless candles create little or no mess, so you don’t run the risk of damaging furniture or special décor like table runners etc. 

What can I use my Koch & Co dinner candles for?

Dinner candles can be used for a variety of occasions, including dinner parties, church services, seasonal displays, romantic wedding décor, event table centrepieces and more. To add extra detail to your candle presentations, you can try displaying them in a decorative candle holder.