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When hosting any event, food and hospitality are the makers and breakers of party vibes. This is why the table is often the heart of any gathering, and this is also why taking the time to decorate your table can really help you get the party vibes flowing. To set a theme, level of formality, colour palette, and/or occasion, you can’t go past event table decorations. Whether yours is a dinner party with friends, a wedding dinner, or a Christmas feast, check out our table setting ideas, table decoration ideas and more below to help you set the vibe and the look you’re after when you host your next dinner event.

Stunning Tablescaping From Dining Table Decor To Outdoor Table Decor

Tablescaping a.k.a. the practice of laying out table decor is not exclusively for indoor evening meals. When planning your tablescape, whether it is dinner table decor, outdoor table decor, table birthday decorations, or Christmas table decorations, there are so many creative and convenient options to explore.

Table Decorations From Table Centrepieces To Table Ornaments

When considering table decorations, the main components tend to be table centrepieces, table settings, and table ornaments. The type of meal and the occasion will often dictate the style of these components for a cohesive look. For example, a table setting for dinner can involve all the trimmings, like:

Dining table centrepieces in this style of fine dining tablescaping will often include candles and/or a floral arrangement. Keep in mind, the style of florals, vaseware, or candle holder you choose can help shape your event’s style and sense of formality. Formal dinner table centrepiece ideas include:

Other, less formal dining table decor includes:

Delivering High Quality & Gorgeous Event Table Decorations Australia Wide

Koch & Co is a national leader in Australia for affordable, professional quality event table decorations. No matter the scale of your occasion, the style of your decor, or the size of your dining space, at Koch & Co, you can find quality and affordable centrepiece ideas, party table decorations, dining table decor ideas, wedding guest or wedding party centre table decor, and so much more.

What is tablescaping?

Tablescaping is the act of decorating a table for a special occasion. Popular features of a tablescape include table centrepieces, candles, table settings, table runners and garlands, fabric napkins, and name place cards.

How to create a tablescape?

A tablescape provides a great opportunity to establish a theme or style for your event table decorations. Whether you are setting a table for guests at your wedding or at home for Easter lunch, the fundamentals remain the same.

  • Centrepiece: Examples include floral arrangements, candles, wreaths, or festive figurines.
  • Table settings: Placemats, charger plates, napkins, napkin rings, cutlery, name place cards and card holders, can all play a crucial role in the impression set by your tablescape.
  • Decorations: Complementary decorations can tie together your centrepiece with your table settings. Examples include confetti, table runners, fairy lights, and tealight candles.
How to decorate with table runners?

Washable, reusable, and available in an infinite number of patterns and styles, table runners are a staple of tablescapes. When considering party table centrepieces, try a table runner or garland as part of your tablescape. A runner draws the eye, thus framing your centrepiece, and also providing structure to your tablescape.

How to decorate a buffet table for a party?

Buffet table decor can be tricky, as buffet tables are usually brimming with food. When it comes to a buffet table, whether you’re thinking of Christmas buffet tablescapes or are feeding the masses at a family reunion, adding dimension to your table can really help your food to shine. Some tips include:

  • Try a table runner down the middle of your table to draw the eye down all the way to the other end of the table, over the many dishes prepared.
  • To free up space, we recommend tiered cake stands. Whether you’re using these to display cakes, appetisers, or drinks, adding height to your buffet table can really boost its appeal.
How to decorate an outdoor table?

Outdoor table settings are often synonymous with paper plates and cardboard cups, but don’t be deceived as outdoor tablescapes can be just as sophisticated as indoor tablescapes. If you’re planning an outdoor birthday table set up, for example, centrepiece ideas include floral and/or leafy arrangements or garlands. Koch tip: To create a sense of connection to the outdoor setting, match your florals or leafy foliage to the botanical style of your space.
For a more whimsical style of birthday table decoration, balloon table decorations are always a winner. Examples include the classic helium balloons anchored to a balloon weight or long runner balloon table centrepieces. These are essentially balloon garlands made up of small balloons that sit low and cover the length of your table.

How to decorate a picnic table?

When planning a picnic, decor is often the last priority. Some simple tablescape ideas for making your next picnic more luxe include:

  • Matching cushions for sitting on
  • Wooden serving boards
  • Ice bucket for drinks
  • Clear, reusable plastic cups
  • Metal cutlery
  • Fabric napkins
How to decorate a grazing table?

Grazing tables are tablescapes in and of themselves, but a few key tips can help to elevate your grazing board from a smorgasbord to a cornucopia.

  • Present your grazing table spread on a large wooden board. It can be tempting to place it directly onto a table, but elevating your grazing table really boosts the presentation, and the tone of your event.
    • Bonus points for having two levels of serving board, one sitting above the other for an abundant staggered stair effect.
    • Alternative: serve some of your grazing board on a mirrored plate or stand. This adds dimension, and gives the illusion of an even greater abundance of food.
  • Use bowls, platters, and tiered stands. Staggering the heights of your food adds dimension, and helps certain dishes to stand out/not get soggy.
How to decorate a Christmas table?

Christmas is a time for coming together with loved ones, giving gifts, and sharing meals. Where many of us decorate the home for Christmas, some opt to extend the decorations to the dining table. Christmas table decor is a great way to bring about the festive spirit, and celebrate holiday traditions when eating with loved ones. Bonbons or crackers are classic and simple Christmas table decorations that are also a traditional activity or game. Match your bonbons to your Xmas table decorations and even to your Christmas tree, if you’re feeling especially festive.
Larger Christmas table centrepieces can take any number of shapes, and can be a great way to set your festive style or theme. Popular Christmas table ideas for centrepieces include:

Your style of Christmas table settings can convey the formality of your Christmas meal. For a formal Christmas dinner or lunch, consider the following options:

  • Charger plates
  • Napkins (paper or fabric)
  • Napkin rings
  • Placemats
  • Place name cards
  • Place name card stands

Additional Christmas table setting ideas include:

How to decorate a buffet table for Christmas?

With all the food prep that goes into Christmas, event table decorations for a buffet table can seem like way too much work. However, there are some simple Christmas table decoration ideas that can really help your dishes to shine.

Draping a Christmas garland or swag from the edge of your table is a great way to decorate without taking up valuable real estate on your tabletop.

  • Get your Christmas table set up ahead of time. This applies to both your buffet table and dining table. Giving yourself time to enjoy the process is half the fun!
  • A plain-coloured tablecloth provides a simple backdrop that won’t compete with the visual of your delicious dishes.
  • Portion out food into individual dishes. For e.g. mini quiches or individual pavlovas helps minimise mess at the buffet table. They also keep the queue of hungry guests moving quickly, and keeps your table looking beautiful with nicely-presented individual portions as opposed to haphazardly-cut tray bakes and half-empty prawn platters.
  • Candelabras or candle holders that sit high above your dishes are a simple way to add to your event table decorations, and to bring the festive warmth.
    • Draping a Christmas garland or swag from the edge of your table is a great way to decorate without taking up valuable real estate on your tabletop.
How to create a rustic tablescape for Easter?

Many cultures celebrate Easter with different traditions, and sharing a meal with family is one of the most popular Easter traditions. When setting up an Easter table for a meal, keep in mind that Easter table decor doesn’t have to be elaborate. Simple Easter table decor is popular, with Easter table ideas including a rustic country-style look or a pastel colour palette. 

Popular Easter table decorations include Easter table centrepieces like:

When it comes to an Easter table setting, pastel and neutral tones are popular for their simplicity and versatility. For a style like this, explore simple Easter table setting ideas like:

  • Charger plates
  • Napkins
  • Placemats
  • Speckled Easter eggs

For a rustic Easter table decor style, try:

  • Wooden display plates
  • Gingham and linen-style tablecloths and napkins
  • Decorative birds’ nests
  • Moss or foliage decorations
How to decorate a bridal table?

Decorating a bridal or wedding party table can seem like something that requires a lot of fanfare, but fanfare is by all means optional. Generally speaking, at a wedding reception, there is a specific marker that sets apart the area where the newlyweds and wedding party are sitting. This is usually done with bridal table decor, which is more elaborate in its decorations and/or centrepieces.
Wedding table centrepieces can include anything from a repurposed wedding arbour or backdrop (placed behind the newlyweds to frame them while they sit), a floral garland running the length of the table, or a hanging floral installation. Wedding centrepiece ideas can also include simpler pieces like clusters of candles, or vases that house the bridal party’s bouquets. Wedding tablescapes like these, no matter the style or scale, can be tied together with a few simple wedding table decorations:

  • Charger plates
  • Candle holders
  • Elegant fabric tablecloth and napkins
  • Finishing touches like napkin rings
How to decorate a wedding cake table?

Wedding cakes are often expensive and highly decorative, and to make the most of this, many opt to display the wedding cake on a designated table. This gives guests the opportunity to admire the cake prior to the ‘cutting of the cake’ ceremony. When considering wedding table decoration ideas, you can go as elaborate as a cake swing table, or as simple as a display on a small table or stand (or hay bale) if you prefer more rustic wedding table decorations. Generally, wedding cake tables only require a couple of fundamental things:

Extra event table decorations can include:

  • Complementary florals
  • Additional sweets
  • Cake stand
How to decorate wedding reception tables?

Guest reception table decor can really set the tone for showing hospitality to guests on your wedding day. However, this doesn’t mean that low cost wedding table decorations are out of the question. Guest wedding table decor can simply mean a beautifully set table. Some of the traditional decor items include:

  • Fabric tablecloths and napkins
  • Name cards
  • Bomboniere or party favours

The way you set the individual placings for your guests can go a long way. Wedding table setting ideas can include:

From a purely decorative standpoint, some newlyweds opt to include wedding centrepieces on every guest table. Popular options include:

  • Tall, hollow flower stands with floral arrangements on top
  • Low-lying floral arrangements in vases, pots, or garlands
  • Clustered candles

Less elaborate decorative wedding table ideas include:

  • Sparkling table scatters
  • Fairy lights
  • Flower petals
  • Confetti
  • Mirror plates (holding artificial flowers or candles)
  • Tealight candles
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