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Floral Wool FAQ

What is Koch & Co Floral Wool?

Floral Wool is a natural floral foam and is a great environmentally friendly alternative to regular floral (phenol-formaldehyde) foam. It is easy to cut, has large water retention power, and does not crumble or leave microfibres in water.

Is Koch & Co’s Floral Wool Eco-Friendly?

Yes. Floral Wool is a natural floral foam made from a non-toxic benign material. It also comes packaged in biodegradable packaging consisting of a brown kraft box and biodegradable film wrap.

What is Koch & Co’s Floral Wool made of?

Floral Wool is made from a benign material that is non-toxic and made from 99% basalt mineral rock fibres.

How do you dispose of Koch & Co’s Floral Wool?

Floral Wool can be disposed of in a general waste bin and normal landfill. Once the binding material has degraded, the product becomes rock dust that can be added back into the soil. It is also compostable in small quantities.

What floral arrangements can I use Koch & Co Floral Wool for?

Because Floral Wool is almost as firm as regular floral foam it can be used for securing both fresh & artificial flowers in any floral arrangement.

Can you use Koch & Co’s Floral Wool bricks in a hanging installation?

Yes, you can. However, as Floral Wool is not as stiff as traditional floral foam larger installations may require the support of traditional green floral foam. We also recommend using a supportive cage around your Floral Wool to give your installation extra structural support. This cage structure will help hold flowers and foliage more efficiently. For a more recyclable alternative to plastic cages, you can make your floral cage out of chicken wire.

Should I wear gloves when handling Koch & Co’s Floral Wool?

Although Floral Wool is a non-toxic product, we recommend wearing gloves when handling it and washing your hands after use. Please note that the fibres and powdered rock dust should not be directly inhaled.

How do you cut Koch & Co’s Floral Wool?

To avoid fibre dust, cut the foam using a sharp floral knife. Cut along the flat surface of the Floral Wool, not the side that shows the layers. 

How do you soak Koch & Co’s Floral Wool?

Soaking instructions: 

  • Submerge Floral Wool in water for 20 seconds. 
  • Gently squeeze Floral Wool whilst in water to release any air bubbles. 
  • Once air bubbles have been released, Floral Wool is soaked and ready.

For visual instructions, watch our helpful video here.

On what side of the Floral Wool do I insert my flowers?

For best result, inset both fresh & artificial flowers on the layered sides of the Floral Wool. Not on the flat surface side. 

How do you store Koch & Co’s Floral Wool? 

We recommend storing your Floral Wool in a dry and cool place, which is not exposed to direct sunlight. To avoid dust, keep the Floral Wool wrapped in its original packaging until you are ready to use it.