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Funeral Flowers FAQ

Where and when do I send my flowers?

We recommend sending your arrangements to the service, if time permits. Many times, funeral services take place within 3-5 days of the passing, so ordering your flowers early can make sure they arrive on time. Arrangements are typically moved to either the gravesite or the family’s home after the services have ended, allowing a constant reminder of care and compassion in the days to come. Depending on the faith or ethnic background of the bereaved, funeral services may be held at the same sight as a viewing or wake, so it is best to call ahead and check before your flowers are ordered.

What type of arrangement should I send?

First and foremost, a sympathy arrangement shows you care, and in that respect, there is no “wrong” item you can send. However, there are some traditional guidelines that many people follow when selecting what kind of floral arrangement to send for a loss. Flower Baskets and Vase Arrangements are the most transitional choices, since they can easily be taken to the family home after services, and can be used as a beautiful backdrop for the service. Sprays, Crosses, and Wreaths are all excellent options as well, and these make wonderful additions to the gravesite.

What colour flowers do I send?

The color and type of flowers you wish to send is entirely up to you, and should reflect whatever you wish it to. Many people have a specific type of flower or arrangement in mind due to the significance in the deceased’s life or their relationship. For those of you who would like to know about the common symbolism in reference to flower colour, we have provided a brief list:

  • White: White flowers are very popular for sympathy arrangements as a symbol for serenity, peace, and purity. White has often been associated with innocence as well.
  • Red: People who wish to convey passionate love for the deceased choose red flowers in their arrangements. Red has also been used a symbol for strength and courage.
  • Pink: Often used to show femininity and peace, pink flowers are a beautiful symbol for grace and hope, even in the midst of loss.
  • Purple: Purple has long been known as a symbol for spiritual wisdom, or royalty. Others choose to use purple to show creativity, as well as transformation and success.
  • Blue: There is a wide range of symbols relating to blue. The shade of blue is sometimes used as a symbol as well. Lighter blues capture tranquility, serenity, and peace. Darker shades of blue have been symbols for tradition and unity.
  • Green: Green works well with any arrangement and takes its cues from nature, symbolizing renewal, rest, new life, energy, and faith.
  • Yellow: A very bright color means more optimistic symbolism. Yellow is regarded as a symbol for friendship, as well as light, cheer, hope, and joy.
Do certain flowers have symbolic meaning?

Yes. Historically, flowers have held a specific meaning behind them due to the environment they are grown in, their physical attributes, or the culture they belonged to. We always recommend that you choose whatever flowers will be most symbolic for you or for the one you wish to honor. For those of you who would like to see more about common meanings of specific flowers types, we have provided a short list below:

  • Roses: Roses can convey a wide variety of meaning, but are most understood as symbolizing love and strength.
  • Red: Love, Courage, Strength, Respect
  • White: Purity, Innocence
  • Pink: Grace, Admiration, Sympathy, Appreciation
  • Lilies: There are different variations of the Lily that work well for sympathy flowers, such as the Peace Lily and the Calla Lily—which symbolizes majesty and beauty.
  • Carnations: These wonderfully simple blooms have a variety of meanings depending on their color, but will always look beautiful in a sympathy arrangement.
  • Red: Admiration, Affection, Love
  • White: Pure Love, Innocence,
  • Pink: Gratitude, a Mother’s Love
  • Orchids: Orchids offer an exotic look to any arrangement and look beautiful in their natural state. They are often used to represent beauty and passion.
  • Tulips: Tulips have long been used as strong symbol for love in all forms. Tulips also come in a wide variety of colors and give a sense of renewal and rebirth.
  • Daisies: There are many types of daisies, but they are all beautiful. Daises are meant to symbolize purity, simplicity, love, and faith.
Does my relationship to the family affect what type of arrangement I should send?

In most cases the immediate family chooses the flowers that will adorn the casket or urn, while the extended family typically decides to give vase arrangements, sprays, wreaths, and crosses to create a loving scene during the service. Anyone is welcome to send flowers to the service, and your card message will be displayed along your arrangement so that the family is aware of who has sent their condolences. Flower Baskets and Vase Arrangements are the most tranditional choices, and they can easily be taken to the family home after services, and can be used as a beautiful backdrop for the service. Sprays, Crosses, and Wreaths are all excellent options as well, and these make wonderful additions to the gravesite.

Does my relationship to the family affect how much I spend on flowers?

We believe that those choosing to send a sympathy arrangement are usually aware of what to spend on flowers. The immediate family normally does spend more on flowers in preparation for the service(s), but there are no set rules. Many times friends and family send arrangements that have a significant meaning to them or to the deceased. FuneralFlowers.com offers a wide range of arrangements and flower types so that you can send a personal sign of sympathy and care.

Will the family know I sent flowers to the service?

We ensure that your card message will be presented with the flowers upon delivery to the service, funeral home or residence. The funeral director may keep track of the cards to present to family later, or they will remain displayed so that the family and guests will be able to see who has sent their sympathies to the bereaved. The card is left with the flowers so any arrangements taken to the home can be identified for the resident. Card messages include your name and a brief message.

What if there is no funeral service?

In the case there is no funeral service, or you are unable to send flowers to the service for any reason, it is appropriate to send your condolence arrangement to the residence of the bereaved. Flower baskets and sympathy plants are wonderful options for the home because they can leave a constant reminder of care and thoughtfulness through their long life.

Do I send flowers for cremations?

Families that have chosen to cremate may chose to accompany this with a memorial service. It is appropriate to send flowers to these services as well, but keep in mind the nature of the service and where it will be held. Many times these services are amongst the immediate family and kept private. In this case, as well as any other, it is entirely appropriate to send sympathy arrangements to the residence or workplace of those who have suffered the loss.

Can I send flowers to a residence?

Yes. Many times, services are planned quickly and it is not possible to get your flowers sent there in time. In that case, as well as in the case of cremation, sending arrangements directly to the home is nice gesture. Sending flowers to the home also allows for various floral options, such as plants, baskets, vases, and floral containers. FuneralFlowers.com provides delivery throughout the United States.

Can I send flowers to a place of business?

Sending sympathy flowers to a place of business is widely acceptable. To ensure that your condolences can be sent, please be mindful of the type of business you wish to send to. Some are inaccessible for delivery, or may not have a designated “place of business.” It is also important to be mindful of the size of the arrangement you wish to send. For any questions you may have about what sympathy arrangements would work best for business delivery, please contact us by phone or by email.

Are there things I can send besides flowers?

FuneralFlowers.com is happy to provide alternative options in lieu of flowers. Seasonal Fresh Fruit Baskets are always an appropriate gift of care and can give the bereaved a sense of sweetness during a difficult time. We also offer gourmet gift baskets that can either accompany flowers or be delivered alone. These options would typically be sent straight to a residence or place of business.

Is it appropriate to send flowers as a group?

Sending flowers as a group can be a lovely way to provide a larger arrangement and show heartfelt support and honor. Group purchases can allow co-workers or those with a limited budget an opportunity to offer their condolences. FuneralFlowers.com can include the names of all who contributed to the card to add to the sense of whatever you wish to portray with your flowers.

The obituary says “in lieu of flowers” but I would like to send flowers anyways. Is that okay?

Yes. Sending flowers is always an authentic and heartfelt way to show your sympathies during a time of loss. FuneralFlowers.com has many options that fit nicely into a home, as well as sympathy plants that can last for years to come as a constant reminder of your genuine care and support.

What do you send to a church?

Arrangements that are sent to a church will be displayed at the services held there to honor and remember the deceased. Card messages are displayed with your flowers so that those who attend the service may see who has sent their sympathies. Crosses are a popular arrangement for church services and can be designed to your specific request. Gourmet gift baskets and fruit baskets, as well as anything else at the family’s request, should be sent directly to a residence. Please be mindful of when the services are planned, as they are typically less than 3-5 days after the passing.

Who orders the casket spray?

Casket Sprays are traditionally ordered by the immediate family, or whomever the family has placed in charge of the flowers for the services. FuneralFlowers.com has a broad selection of beautiful casket sprays that will be sure to honor your loved one and be a lasting memorial to their amazing life.

What is the difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers?

On the FuneralFlowers.com website, the terms “funeral flowers” and “sympathy flowers” are used without much distinction between the two, but that may not be the case elsewhere. When referring to an obituary or any instruction for sending flowers in the case of a loss, please be aware that the terms may hold different meanings. If an obituary refers to an address for funeral flowers to be delivered to, they may be referring only to flowers that will be displayed at the memorial service or wake. These arrangements may include Sprays, Wreaths, Crosses, and any other arrangement that can be seen at the service. Sympathy flowers may be used to refer to flowers that can be sent at any time to the residence of the bereaved. These arrangements would be smaller, such as a Flower Basket or Container, as well as smaller Vase arrangements.

Can I include a funeral banner? What is appropriate?

Funeral Banners can be a perfect way to express your condolences to the bereaved, and to honor those lost with a short message. The banner is a long ribbon that is draped over the arrangement, and includes a short message. An appropriate message may contain the relationship you had to the deceased. For example, an arrangement sent to the service for a grandmother may have a banner that reads: “Wonderful Grandma.” If you have any questions about what to display on a banner, our seasoned staff at FuneralFlowers.com is ready to assist you.

What are the different types of funeral arrangements?

Funeral arrangements come in many shapes and forms, and at FuneralFlowers.com, we always strive to make your arrangement personal and authentic. We have a beautiful selection of Crosses, Wreaths, and Sprays, and each may come with a wire stand for display. These standing arrangements are put together by our trained staff with the freshest blooms to ensure your condolences are seen through the beauty of the flowers. There are also Casket Sprays—larger arrangements that are typically chosen by the immediate family to set atop the casket. For easy transition from the service to the home, we give you a wide selection of Vase Arrangements, Baskets, Containers, and Sympathy Plants. These can be displayed at the service or used as a sign of your condolences at the home or place of business. If you ever have any trouble with selecting an appropriate arrangement, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

I missed the funeral services. Is okay to send something to the home?

It is always okay to send flowers or a sympathy basket to the home following the services. Memorial services are often scheduled within days of the passing, so being unable to order flowers in time is a common issue. Don’t fret, sending flowers to the home also allows for various floral options, such as plants, baskets, vases, and floral containers. FuneralFlowers.com provides delivery throughout the United States.