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How to Design & Order Customised Ribbon and Wrapping From Koch & Co


At Koch & Co we can design and produce all of your custom packaging requirements. We source ribbon, wrapping, and packaging from the USA, and across Europe and Asia. We supply a wide variety of ribbon and wrapping products from natural recycled and sustainable products, to polyester, nylon, and cellophane. These products are sourced from factories with certification and ethical business standards.

This guide will show you what to consider when designing your customised packaging, and how to order it through Koch & Co.

What is the minimum order amount for custom ribbon and wrapping?
  • 6000m for all ribbons.
  • 10,000 sheets for wrapping. Please note, this quantity may vary depending on the type of wrapping.
What things should I consider when designing my logo?
  • Simple is best.
    Often, too much detail may not print well depending on the type of material you are printing on.
  • Get the message across.
    Make sure you know what you are trying to tell the customer with your brand.
  • What colour will the logo be?
    Will your colour of logo and design suit the material you will print on?
  • Make sure the design suits different size packaging material.
    E.g. a smaller logo is required for printing on ribbon as opposed to wrapping paper.
What should I consider when creating the overall design of my products?
  • How big do I want my logo or business name to be
  • How many times do I want the logo repeated
  • What spacing do I require between each logo
  • Do I need the logo randomly spaced or geometrically spaced

Remember, the simpler the logo design, the easier it is to recreate on smaller custom printed items like stickers.

Which techniques can help me decide on a design?
  • Custom Ribbon:
    If you are creating customised ribbon, you need to consider how well-spaced your logo is, how big you require it, and if this needs to be adjusted. If you want to use a 25mm ribbon, you may need to re-size your logo to 15mm and then see how many times you want it repeated per meter on the ribbon. To help you decide, take the ribbon you like and use a fabric marker to play around with the size and spacing of your logo.
  • Custom Wrapping:
    If you are creating customised wrapping, you need to consider how big the sheet of wrapping you would like to use is. Standard size wrapping is usually 50cm x 70cm. Then you can decide how big you want your logo to be, if you want other designs accompanying it, how many times you want your logo repeated on the sheet, and if you want the logo in a geometric or random pattern. To help you decide, take a sheet of paper and draw circles across the page of how big and how many times you want your design repeated. You can then try wrapping a bunch of flowers and see where the logo sits.
    Once you understand what you are looking for, you are now ready to engage a graphic designer. In many instances, if you already have a logo designed, we can help you with the product design.
What technical things should I consider?

Once you have decided on the type of material, design, and spacing you would like, we can help you interpret some of these technical aspects.

  • What products are readily available to you on the market
  • Are special moulds required for any of your designs
  • What types of inks work best on which surfaces e.g. gold ink may not print well on calico ribbon and give a clear print of your logo.
  • What colour of ribbon or wrapping do you want to use as the base. If you want more than one colour of ribbon or wrapping produced than this will cost more.
  • What colour do you want the logo to be. If you want more than one colour used in the logo, than this will cost more.
How do I place my customised order with Koch & Co?

Step 1: Before placing your order with Koch & Co you will need to have your logo designed by a graphic designer.

Step 2: You then need to contact our Customer Care team to place a customised order request. Please contact our Customer Care team on 02 9741 4999 (Monday to Friday). You can also find more information about our Customer Care team here.

Step 3: Our design team will then create a draft graphic artwork of your logo on the correct size material. E.g. If you are after a 25mm ribbon, then they will create the artwork of your logo that fits onto that ribbon. If you require a physical sample, rather than just the artwork, then this will cost extra to develop. 

Step 4: After you are pleased with the design and your order has been confirmed, then your personalised ribbon and/or wrapping will be manufactured and shipped off to you.

Please Note: The same process will apply if you design other branded packaging, such as customised paper carry bags, flower boxes, printed stickers, branded order pads etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your custom printed packaging needs. We can put your logo branding on many items such as:

Custom Printed Ribbons

Logo Branded Wrapping

Custom & Branded Boxes

Florist Supplies

And many more items!