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How to Use Aqua Pearls

What are Aqua Pearls?

Hydrogel Aqua Pearls create a sparkling effect in your vase or container with fresh flowers and plants. 

Aqua pearl water crystals are polymers that absorb water and can grow to up 300 times their size. They then slowly release the water and can re-absorb more water.

Are Aqua Pearls environmentally friendly?

Aqua pearl water crystals are polymers. The term polymer is widely used to describe plastics, which are synthetic polymers.

These water pearls (crystals) do degrade over time but do not accumulate in the soil or water over the long term.

Aqua pearls have no adverse impact on soil microbe populations which is needed for a good healthy soil. So in general, environmentally conscious gardeners can use and re-use them as a sustainable water source without too much concern. 

There is no risk to human health if used as directed. It is always good practice to wear gloves while handling this product.

How to use Aqua Pearls? 
  1. Soak in water and watch the pearls grow to 1cm or more in diameter.
  2. Let the crystals sit in water for about 8 to 10 hours.
  3. Pour out excess water and use directly in your vase or container. You can rehydrate the Aqua Pearls to make them grow again.
  4. As the beads are water absorbent, keep water topped up regularly to prevent flowers and plants not drinking enough water.

Note: Instructions are also on product. Keep out of reach of children as they may be a choking hazard. Non Toxic. They are not suitable for consumption.