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How To Use Bouquet Eggs


Koch & Co are pleased to announce the launch of the Holly Heider Chapple Collection in Australia. 

This line features a new design mechanic, affectionnately known as the "egg". The egg is wonderful for bouquets because you are able to create natural, loose, free form bouquets with less product. It keeps the stems from collapsing and stops the design from becoming a tight round ball. Because of the armature, you can lay the design down as you are working and give your hands a break!

The egg cradle can also be used to tie on heavy items like tillandsia or fruit. The structure adds support to the design. 

Made from 100% recyclable and reusable materials, they are available in two sizes HERE



See how easy it is to use bouquet egg guards with our step by step tutorial: 

   How to use the Holly Chapple Bouquet Eggs