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How To Use Our Paper Roll Dispensers

Paper Roll Dispenser Manuals

3 Layer Roll Dispenser:

Folded Roll Dispenser:

Heavy Duty Table Roll Dispenser: 

Vertical Roll Dispenser:

Wall Mounted Roll Dispenser:

*Please note: When installing, please read the instructions carefully and ensure that the wall you are mounting the dispenser on will take the weight of the paper roll as well as the pressure of the “pull & tear” motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which paper roll fits my Koch & Co paper roll dispenser?

To determine which paper roll best fits your paper roll dispenser, you simply need to work out what the paper rolls width, max diameter, and roll core size are. To find these measurements, use our helpful diagram below. The max width and diameter that our roll dispensers can take are outlined in the product description of each product. Also, we can confirm that all paper rolls in our paper roll range have a max diameter and roll core size that will fit onto all our dispensers.

Diagram to determine roll width, max diameter & roll size:

What are the end caps used for that come with the Koch & Co paper roll dispensers?

Each of our dispensers come with 3 free end caps so you can use different diameter size rolls on each dispenser. Wrapping paper rolls are usually wrapped onto a thick cardboard tube or core. Each specific style of wrapping paper has a different diameter core, with counter rolls having the smallest. The end caps fit into this core at each end of the roll so when you thread your roll onto the centre rod, the rolling weight remains even and turns easily when you pull your paper through the cutting blade. You do not have to use these end caps, but they do make the roll easier to move and more durable when in use. 

What if my end cap doesn’t fit into my roll core perfectly?

This is ok, the end cap doesn’t have to fit perfectly we only recommend you use the closest one to the size of your roll core. You also do not have to use the end caps, but they do make the roll easier to move and more durable when in use.

What sized rolls are the end caps used for?
  • Small End Cap = 35-38mm rolls
  • Medium End Cap = 48-50mm rolls (our Kraft paper roll standard size)
  • Large End Cap = 78-81mm rolls

What are Koch & Co’s paper roll dispensers made of?

All Koch & Co paper roll dispensers are made of metal, making them super durable and long-lasting to work with.

Are the cutting blades on the Koch & Co paper roll dispensers sharp?

No. This is a honed piece of metal with enough edge to ensure the paper is cut cleanly. Although it is referred to as a blade, it does not have a very sharp edge much like the edge of a butter knife.

How do you look after your Koch & Co paper roll dispensers?

To maintain the dispensers best working condition, the springs and joints need to stay lubricated for smooth movement. You can lubricate these springs and joints by applying a small amount of WD40 or any lubricant spray to these areas.

How often should you lubricate your Koch & Co paper roll dispenser?

We recommend every 2 months. However, if the dispenser is in regular use and starts to make a squeaky sound you can lubricate it more often.

What if I have lost parts to my Koch & Co paper roll dispenser?

Unfortunately, we cannot replace any major parts of the dispensers. If you are concerned that your dispenser is missing parts when it is delivered, please contact our customer care team for assistance. Contact information for our customer care team can be found here.