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Kraft Paper FAQ

What is Kraft Paper? 

Kraft paper is a natural paper composed of virgin wood pulp. It is a strong and relatively coarse paper. 

How is Kraft Paper made? 

To make Kraft Paper, softwood needs to be converted into virgin wood pulp (almost pure cellulose fibres) via the Kraft process.
During the Kraft process, wood chips are placed in a hot mixture of water, sodium hydroxide and sodium sulphite, called “white liquor”. This results in the breaking of the two main components of wood (lignin and cellulose) and leaves us with a separated solid wood pulp and a “black liquor”. 
The wood pulp undergoes several screening processes where larger pieces are removed. The pulp is then washed before being formed in the final thickness of paper desired.  

Is Kraft Paper biodegradable?

Yes, our Kraft paper is biodegradable as it is only made of wood pulp.

This product can be recycled and will eventually degrade under the right circumstances. For more information, contact your local council or waste management centre about how to dispose of the product properly. 

Is Kraft Paper recyclable? 

Yes, all our Kraft paper can be recycled.

Is the production process eco-friendly? 

Yes, Kraft paper is an eco-friendly paper. Nearly no chemicals are used during production process and all chemicals used can be removed or reused. 
Eco-friendly inks are also used for our coloured Kraft paper. 
Unlike other paper, Kraft paper can be made with many types of wood, including resinous pines or bamboos, which are traditionally left out by the paper making industry. 

What are the different uses of Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is widely used in many industries and many households for: 
- Flower wrapping
- Gift wrapping
- Packaging needs (boxes, envelopes, …)
- Bags & sacks to carry food and groceries 
- Craft and decoration projects  

Simple & easy Kraft Paper section guide
We know how hard it can be to sort Kraft weight and texture, so now on every Kraft paper packet you will find a sticker representing the GSM range and a coloured barcode representing the texture. 
Created to suit every Kraft paper lover and to make your shopping experience easier. 
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