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LED Candles FAQ

What are your LED candles made from?

Keri brand LED candles are made from real wax.

Are Keri brand LED candles scented? 

No. Our wax LED candles are not scented.

Are Koch & Co LED candles sold with batteries?

No. Some of our LED candles are sold with batteries and others are not. Please read the information on each item for more details.

Are LED candles safe and why?

Keri brand LED candles are very safe because they are flameless and smokeless.

Does an LED candle give off the same glow and ambience as a real candle?

Absolutely yes and is a steady, warm orange glow.

How long can I expect the batteries to LAST?

Pillar LED candles can last up to 16-20 hours, while tealight LED candles can last up to 9-12 hours without turning off. 

What will affect battery life in my LED candles?

High quality batteries will allow your flameless candle to last longer. You can also turn your LED candles on and off manually by using the switch on the bottom. Batteries exposed to prolonged heat will have a shorter battery life. 

Are your LED candles environmentally safe?

Our LED candles are made of natural paraffin wax. There is no flame, soot and toxic emissions.

Can the LED candles be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes. It suits both indoor, outdoor and windy environments. Because of the real wax, be careful of high outdoor heat and sunlight to prevent melting. Do not set in direct sunlight. Keep away from any heat source that could cause the wax to soften, melt, or catch fire.

Why should I choose a LED candle versus traditional candle?

You'll enjoy better safety for your friends, customers, kids and pets with a battery operated LED candle. It’s easier to maintain and has more value for money over time, while still keeping the ambience flamed candles produce.