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Mailing Boxes FAQ

Can I post your mailing boxes without using a postage satchel?

Yes. Our mailing boxes can be sent without a postage satchel. However, they must be packed securely, taped on the front and sides, and clearly labelled before posting.

What size postage satchel should I use?

When choosing a postage satchel, we recommend going one size up. This is because postage satchels do not have a gusset base, so it does not allow for the height of the box. Going one size up allows the box to fit without tearing the satchel.

Please note, not all of our mailing boxes fit into postage satchels. Please see below for a list of compatible boxes and postage satchels. For other mailing box sizes, we recommend inquiring with your local post office for alternative ways to wrap your package if you wish to do so.

Compatible mailing boxes & postage satchels:

  • A5 boxes with the dimensions of 220W x 160D x 78mmH will fit in an Australia Post medium postage satchel (385 x 265mm)
  • A4 boxes with the dimensions of 310W x 225D x 102mmH will fit in an Australia Post large postage satchel (405 x 310mm)
Does your A3 mailing box fit into a postage satchel?

No. Australia Post does not offer a bigger size than their large postage satchel, so therefore our A3 mailing boxes do not fit into a postage satchel. We recommend inquiring with your local post office for alternative ways to wrap your package if you wish to do so.

What types of postage satchels are there?

There are 2 types of postage satchels:

  • Plain postage satchels
  • Prepaid postage satchels
Which postage satchel is more cost-effective?

Prepaid postage satchels are a more economical way to send packages because they include the cost of postage. If you get a plain postage satchel you will have to pay for postage separately. 

What happens if my package is over the weight limit?

If your items are over the weight limit, you will be charged an additional cost or run the risk of not having your parcel delivered. Please be aware that you cannot put a box in a 3kg satchel if the box has over 3kg of products in it.

How do I label my package?

If you are a business, you can apply for an Australia Post business account and then print the labels directly from your account after lodging online. Alternatively, you can write directly onto the box and post it at your local post office.

Do I need an Australia Post business account?

Not necessarily. You don’t need a business account to send packages, but it can save you a small amount per parcel. This is because if you have a business account and depending on how many parcels you send per week, you can be eligible for different discount tiers.