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Paper Gift Bags FAQ


We are big on natural paper carry bags and gift bags. Kraft paper shopping bags that aren't dyed are reusable and can be recycled (once rope handles are removed). Paper bags are strong and easy to store. Our bags are high quality, have supreme strength, and sourced from a reliable, ethical source. We offer two paper bag options: kraft and premium gloss. 

Our kraft paper bag products that are undyed and matte can be recycled and will eventually degrade under the right circumstances. For more information, contact your local council or waste management centre about how to dispose of the product properly. 

Kraft Paper Bags 

Are there different types of bag handles? 

Yes, we have twist handles, which are tightly twisted paper rope handles to provide strength and sturdiness. Our kraft paper bags are also available with a flat handle, which is eight ply. They are available in many sizes and are easy to stack and store, as the handles tuck away. 

Handles in more detail: 

  • Patch secured handles – Twisted and flat handles are secured to the bag with strong glue.
  • Turn Over Top – Additional paper at the top of the bag is folded over and secured, acting as reinforcement for the punch holes. Rope is then threaded through the opening.
  • Twist Handle – Tightly twisted paper rope handles secured by glue.
  • Flat Handle – Paper is folded multiple times to create strong handles. Secured by a patch.
  • Rope Handle – Cotton rope handles used on premium bags and wine or bottle bags.
  • Ribbon Handle – Similar to rope but uses decorative ribbon as a handle.
  • Envelope Top Handle – Turn over top bags.
  • Dye Cut-Out Handle - Depending on the size of the bag, the top of the bag is reinforced for a cut-out handle.
  • No Handle Straight Top – Lunch and lolly bags.
What are some of the features of rope handles?
  • Superior strength
  • Heavy grade paper
  • Includes a base board
  • Turn over top for strength
  • Luxury coordinated rope handle
  • Beautiful gloss finish
  • Great alternative to gift wrapping
  • Easy for counter packing
  • Easy storage
What’s the maximum weight a paper bag can carry?

Paper bags with twisted rope handles can hold up to 13kg and is easy to store. Flat handle carry bags have a maximum weight of up to 10kg depending on size. For specific bag sizes and its maximum weight, refer to each item individually. 

What do paper bags suit?

Our paper bags suit gifts, clothes, shoes and general shopping, plus they’re eco-friendly. Flat bags made from natural brown Kraft paper are used to pack items that do not require a gusset such as books, CD’s or magazines. They are like a paper lunch bag and come in various sizes. Use a gift seal and label for Christmas present points. 

Does the colour run when wet? 

All our coloured bags should not get too wet but in the case that it does, the colour won’t run onto clothes, bag contents etc. When a bag (no matter the colour) does get wet, it weakens the strength and sturdiness of the bag. 

How do you measure bags? 

Length (longest side) x width (top size) x Gusset (depth of base).

What is a gusset on a bag? 

This is the fold on the side of the bag that expands when the bag is open.

What is a base board used for in a bag? 

Cardboard that is often included in certain bags to offer additional support.

Is custom size and printing available? 

We can brand and customise your shopping bags to the necessary requirements. Simply get in touch with for a quote. Minimums and leads apply.

What materials are your paper bags made from? 

Our paper bags are made from one of the following: brown Kraft (natural colour), white kraft and white bleached art paper. Brown kraft is high in strength, containing unbleached wood pulp and is eco-friendly. The same applies to white kraft expect the brown wood pulp has been bleached and resists yellowing. White bleached art paper is thick paper for printing and converted into paper gift bags.

What type of finishes are there?
  • Laminate – Thin transparent ink or film applied to uncoated paper to produce a matte or gloss finish.
  • Matte – Not glossy. Achieved by laminating an uncoated paper with a matte ink or film.
  • Glossy – Shiny mirror finish. Achieved by laminating an uncoated paper with gloss ink or film.
  • Spot Colour Print – Each colour is printed to the pre-mixed pantone colour selection.
  • Premium Finish – Embellished with special laminations, printing and ribbons.