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Paper Straw FAQ

What are our paper straws made from?

Our paper straws are made of a 3-layer flat bevelled food grade white kraft paper.

Are the paper & glue food grade?

Yes. Both the paper and glue used are food grade materials.

How long do paper straws last in hot and cold drinks?

1 Hour. This time frame applies to both hot and cold drinks. 

Are paper straws environmentally safe?

Yes. Our paper straws of all colours are 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

Are the colours in the paper straws biodegradable?

Yes. All coloured straws are made with biodegradable ink.

This product will eventually degrade under the right circumstances. For more information, contact your local council or waste management centre about how to dispose of the product properly. 

Are your straws safety tested?

Yes. We have testing reports for SGS and FDA Regulatory Compliance. Safety certificates are available upon request.

Where are your paper straws made?

Our paper straws are currently manufactured in China.

Are the paper straws Gluten-Free?

Yes. The glue used in the product does not contain any traces of wheat or rye.

What are the typical sizes of paper straws?

Paper straws are usually made with a 6mm, 8mm or 12mm diameter. The most common size of straw is 6mm. We do recommend a 12mm diameter for more granular drinks. They also come in 3 popular lengths, 180mm, 210mm or 240mm. The most common straw length is 210mm. 

How are your paper straws packed?

Our straws are packed in standard packs of 1,000,000 per OPP bag + Master carton.