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Picnic Basket Buying Guide FAQ


Koch & Co picnic baskets are the highest quality and are guaranteed to last a lifetime, or your money will be refunded.

Our picnic baskets come in a variety of shapes, materials and finishes. Our best selling picnic basket is the classic chest shape style. 

We sell two types of picnic baskets at Koch & Co:
•    Picnic baskets with accessories such as drinking glasses, wine glasses, plates, knives and forks
•    Picnic baskets without accessories which are similar to shopping baskets

Here we cover some of the most frequently asked questions about our range of picnic baskets:  

What are some of the advantages of the Koch & Co picnic basket range?
  • Liners are mainly made of cotton fabric
  • Thermo liners can keep your cold items chilled for more than 12 hours
  • Plates and glasses can be used in a microwave and are dishwasher safe
  • Our plates are made of melamine and are shatterproof
  • Our picnic baskets come with a lifetime warranty
What are Koch & Co wicker picnic baskets made of? 

Our wicker picnic baskets are made from wicker willow material.

How many kilograms (kgs) can my Koch & Co picnic basket hold?

Our picnic baskets will hold up to 10kgs, but this weight may vary with each basket depending on its size, shape, and style of the handle. 

How do I care for my picnic basket?

Do not store if the liner has become wet. Allow to dry before storing to prevent mould.
Do not store picnic baskets with any food inside them. Take liner out and wash in warm soapy water before storing. 
You can apply a sealer coat to wicker baskets to prevent dust.

How do I store my picnic basket?

Store your Koch & co picnic basket in a safe, dry place. Such as any suitcase, as mould can easily form.

How do I prevent my picnic basket from becoming mouldy?

Keep the silica crystal sachets that come with the basket and reuse them when storing. Silica crystals are available in bulk.

Are the plates, cups, and utensils in my picnic basket microwave friendly?

The plates and cups from our picnic baskets are microwave friendly. All other utensils containing metal (such as cutlery) are NOT microwave friendly.

Are the plates, cups, and utensils in my picnic basket dishwasher friendly?

Yes, all plates, cups, and utensils from our picnic baskets are dishwasher friendly.

How long will cold food last in my thermo lined picnic basket?

Typical as long as any esky. Cold food and drinks can stay cool for up to 12 hours.

Do your picnic baskets have a warranty?

Koch & Co picnic baskets come with a lifetime guarantee.