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Festive Fan Wrap

Festive Fan Wrap


Step 1.

Place your paper on a clean workbench and lay the wine bottle down on the paper with the lid of the bottle angled towards the top right-hand corner.

Step 2.

With the bottle still on the paper cut diagonally from the bottom right-hand corner, finishing at the top left-hand corner. Remember to pass under the bottom of the wine bottle and not to shift the bottle. You should now have a large triangle.

Step 3.

Turn your triangle paper pattern side up and place the longest triangle side closest to you. 

Step 4.

Starting from the bottom right-hand corner, begin making small fan folds. Keep the folds in line with the bottom of the paper and don’t go in a diagonal direction.

Step 5.

Keep making fan folds until your reach the middle point of the triangle and then stop folding.

Step 6.

Take your chosen wine bottle and place it on the far corner of the opposite flat paper side. Roll the bottle into the middle of the paper so that the paper rolls with the wine bottle and then stop when you reach the fan folds.

Step 7.

Bunch the fan folds from the bottom so that they are against the bottom of the bottle. 

Step 8.

Tie your chosen ribbon around the bottom of the bottle to secure the paper to the bottle.

Step 9.

Fan out the top of the folds to complete the look.

ITEM: KI.2041
Add extra flair to your gifts with this festive wine bottle wrap. This simple design is easy to create in just a few simple steps and can add a WOW factor to any present.

Skill Level: Intermediate

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