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Reusable Bags


Materials used to make reusable bags

Reusable shopping bags and totes are more and more important as we strive to be environmentally conscious. Some of the materials used to make sustainable eco-friendly reusable bags are listed below.

  • Nonwoven polypropylene

An inexpensive, durable and extremely lightweight soft fabric that can be recycled, machine washed and reused. Nonwoven fabrics are made from plastic (polypropylene) and often come from recycled plastic bottles, known as recycled polyethylene terephthalate or rPET.

Nonwoven fabrics are used to make garment, black suit and bridal dress covers. The material is also used one-off for medical gowns and surgical masks. Commercially, flower wrapping and gift packaging are other popular uses.

  • Jute fabric

Jute is made from renewable sources of natural materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are a strong, durable and reusable fabric that lasts longer than its counterparts. Common names such as hessian, burlap, flax and hemp are also used.

  • Cotton fabrics

In its purest form, cotton is made from natural materials. There are many grades, thicknesses and blends of cotton fabrics with varying degrees of strength and finish.

Cotton bags will eventually degrade under the right circumstances. For more information, contact your local council or waste management centre about how to dispose of the product properly. 


Nonwoven reusable shopping bags AKA “reusable green supermarket bags” are a great environmental benefit. Reusable gift bags for wine bottles, books and party favours are often made from a variety of fabrics such as nonwoven fabric, jute and cotton. Besides being a popular grocery shopping/supermarket bag, the variety of colours provide versatility for promotions, trade shows and/or libraries.

Reusable jute flower bags are taking over as the next big trend in floral packaging. The cardboard flower box is recyclable and can also be reused. Our flower bags are designed in-house and made from either natural jute, cotton polyester blends or nonwoven fabrics.

Additionally, custom printing is fast-becoming a trend for businesses giving back to the environment. Brand logos can be customised on different nonwoven bags for various messages without losing sophistication. If you need a quote on customisation, please contact us.