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Rose Boxes FAQ

How do the rose boxes arrive?

Cardboard rose boxes are sold flat packed for assembly, or in a premade rigid board format.

What are the advantages of using a rose box?

The advantages of flat pack rose boxes are they are all one size and take less space to store. Additional labour may be a disadvantage. Rose boxes are premade and ready to go to suit busy florists and quick DIY projects. They come in sets with each one slightly smaller than the next. Storage may also be an issue.

Why put roses in a rose box? 

The main reason is presentation. Roses are usually given during special occasions, such as Valentines. The message is special, so the packaging and presentation reflects that quality. A rose box also protects the flower, helping them live longer. Packaging and using the rose box is easy. Lay the roses in a stepped fashion and place any other ribbon or tissue paper inside before closing the box. 

I would like to have my rose boxes customised, does Koch do this?

Yes, we can make customised rose boxes with your choice of paper, printing and finish. Lead time and minimum quantities do apply.

Can I only use a rose box for roses? 

You can use a rose box for all flower varieties. A rose box has many other uses and is quite often used to hold wedding corsages, candy and even fruit.