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Sakagen Scissors FAQ


Who is Sakagen?

Sakagen is a specialty scissor manufacturer that is renowned for its incredible floral tools. They are an internationally recognised company whose logo signifies world leadership in floristry scissors, shears and other tools.

How long has Sakagen been making scissors?

The Sakagen company was established in 1903.

Where are Sakagen scissors made?

Sakagen scissors are manufactured in Japan.

What is the Sakagen Scissor Company’s purpose? 

As a company they are firmly determined to producing quality florist scissors and shears, as well as, sustaining mindfulness about traditional Japanese flower culture, these being:

  • Ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arranging)  
  • Bonsai (a timeless horticultural art form requiring tools of perfection)  
  • General Japanese Floristry
Is Koch & Co an authorised distributor of Sakagen scissors in Australia?

Yes. We are an authorised Sakagen distributor. We understand that professional florists and horticulturalists require the best quality tools and are excited to be able to offer this high-quality range to our customers.

What type of scissors and shears does Sakagen make? 

Sakagen produces a range of professional-grade quality scissors, shears and flower cutters that can be used across Ikebana Flower arranging, Bonsai horticulture, and general floristry. To browse their full range on our website, click here.

Why are Sakagen Scissors such high-quality?

Every pair of Sakagen scissors or shears are forged by craftsman in Japan. Since 1903, they have combined traditional techniques using the newest equipment to produce their scissors. Sakagen scissors are also made of the highest quality steel blades, making them durable and long-lasting.

What are the features and benefits of the Sakagen F Series and P series?

The blades of the F & P series are Fluoride Coated making the blades stronger, more durable, and easy to clean. They have soft ergonomic handles with wide grips which suit most hand sizes. These larger handles are good to have during busy times where a lot of pick-ups and put-down actions are required. F-170 and F-180 also have a small notch on the handle for your index finger to rest on during use. 

What are the main features of the Sakagen Stainless Steel Series?

The stainless steel series can be resharpened often, are easy to clean, and are rust-resistant making them a great investment tool.

Can I re-sharpen the blades of my Sakagen scissors?

Yes. The blade quality is such that they can be resharpened often.

Why is it important to have sharp scissor blades?

Sharp quality blades make cutting easier which takes the pressure off your hands during repetitive cutting tasks.

How do you clean your Sakagen Scissors?

After each use, take a soft cloth and remove any residue from your scissors. After this is done, take the oil provided with the packaging of your scissors and lather the blades of the tool with a small amount of oil. This oil will add extra protection against rusting. This method of cleaning can be used with any Sakagen tool.

How do you use the Sakagen scissors pouch?

To secure the pouch it can be passed through a belt or apron ties.

What can the Sakagen scissor pouch hold?

The pouch can hold a small floral knife in the pocket built into the front of the pouch. The large pocket at the back of the pouch can hold the below scissors:

  • 5803001DG  
  • 5803001LP  
  • 5803001PU 
  • 5803001RD  
  • 5803003RD