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Shred & Filler FAQ

Why should I use shred and filler in my packaging? 

Shred and filler keeps your items from shifting around, providing structure and helps prevent otherwise fragile items from being damaged during shipping and transport. There are different colours and styles available, which also adds to the final look and appeal of your packaged goods – providing a professional finish.

What types of shred do you have? 

We offer wood wool, paper shred in various colours and cello shred. 

What can I use shredded paper/wood wool /cello for?

All our shred is suitable as basket fillers to protect goods during transportation and also displays your items in a secure and stylish way. Shred and filler is often used by a variety of food and drink producers, the gift basket and hamper industry, craft stores, nurseries and floral distributors.

Which type of shred should I choose? 

All our wood wool, cello and paper shred is great for baskets, basket boxes, bags, containers and nested boxes. Our wood wool is ideal for heavier items which need more support than paper shreds can provide. 

What happens if the shred gets wet? Does the colour run?

In the case that wood wool gets wet, it looses some of its stiffness and structure. Our crinkled paper shred looses its ‘zig zag’ shape if it gets wet but the colour won’t run. Due to cellophane’s properties, it will hold its shape and form in the case it does get wet. 

Will paper shred/wood wool/cello shred hold its shape or will it reduce in size and become compact over time?

No. Each of its shape is fixed.

Are any of the shred and fillers food grade quality?

No, they are not food grade. We recommend edible items to be prepacked and wrapped before placing on any shred and filler.

Can shred be recycled?

Paper shred is recyclable, as well as wood wool. However, cello is not recyclable. 

How much shred and filler fits into a single wooden wine box? 

Approximately 13g of wood wool fits into a standard wooden wine box with a standard 750mL wine bottle. Similar quantity applies to our crinkle paper and cello shred.

How much shred and filler fits into a double wooden wine box? 

Approximately 33g of wood wool fits into a double wooden wine box with two 750mL bottles. Similar quantity applies to our crinkle paper and cello shred.