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Styrofoam FAQ


Quick FAQ on Styrofoam /Polystyrene and Polyfoam

Why is it called Styro?

This is a shorter version of Styrofoam and is Polystyrene. It can also be known as Polyfoam or Deco foam.

What is Styro used for?

As far as non-industrial applications are concerned, it is mainly used for floral arrangements or hobby and craft.

Why should I use Styrofoam/polystyrene for artificial flower arranging?

Styrofoam is not like wet floral foam that holds water. Artificial flowers do not need water and styrofoam wreath bases are best suited. As long as we have the shape and size required, dry floral foam can also be used for artificial flower arranging.

Can I use Styro wreaths for fresh flower sympathy tributes?

Yes, you can use polystyrene for fresh flowers. Wire them first and then insert the wired flower into the styrofoam wreath base. Only use styro for fresh flowers if you intend to deliver the arrangement within 24 hours as there is no water supply to the fresh flowers and they will die.

If fresh flower arrangements do not last using Styrofoam / Polystyrene, then why use it?

Styrofoam floral wreath bases will usually be used for shapes and sizes not available in wet floral foam. When the tribute is too large, wet foam can become very heavy and even break. Typically, large Styrofoam shapes are used for sympathy tributes greater than 70cm (30 inches).

Do you have many shapes of Styrofoam?

We have many shapes available such as solid styro spheres or balls, styro sheets, styro sticks, styro cones, styro hearts, styro wreaths, styro chaplets.

What is a Styrofoam Chaplet used for?

A tear dropped shape styrofoam chaplet is used as a sympathy tribute. It is mostly popular at Anzac Day.

Do you have letters and other shapes in Styro for funeral tributes like “MUM”?

No, we do not have other shapes as everyone has a different taste. We suggest buying a sheet of styrofoam and cutting out your own shapes.

Can I get custom shapes made in Styro?

Yes, we can order these but their usually is a set up and minimum cost. Not recommended.

What glue can I use to glue Styrofoam /polystyrene?

Design Master Tack 1000 and Design Master Tack 2000 are suitable aerosol adhesives sprays that can be used to glue polystyrene. Does not use glue guns or solvent based glues as they will burn the styro. See our BLOG for more information.

What paint can I use on Polystyrene / Styrofoam?

All Design Master Sprays paints are safe to use on styrofoam. Only use water based acrylic paints to paint styro. Other paints will damage the styro.

How do I hide the white wreath when making a floral arrangement using Styro?

Use our green plastic wreath wrap to wrap around the styro hiding the base.

How long can I store Styrofoam / Polystyrene?

Like most plastics, it has a long shelf life. It may become brittle over a long time.

Do you sell Styrofoam letters?

No, we do not. You are more than welcome to cut your own with a fine serrated knife, hack saw or similar with fine cutting teeth.