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Tissue Paper FAQ


Koch Website Quick Tissue Paper FAQ’s

What is acid free tissue paper?

It is tissue paper that is free of acids or PH neutral at time of manufacturer and is less likely to damage goods if left in contact with them over an extended period of time.

Is Vivid Wrap gift wrapping Tissue paper acid free?

Yes, our tissue paper is acid free or PH neutral.

What do you recommend using Vivid Wrap gift wrapping tissue for?

Best use for gift wrapping tissue is gift packaging. It can be used to pack shoes, china and less precious items. It can be used to pack packaged food or fruit.

Is Vivid Wrap gift wrapping tissue food grade?

No, our gift wrapping tissue is not food grade. Specialised food grade papers are produced for catering applications.

Can I store my wedding dress with acid free gift wrapping tissue?

If you intended to store the dress for a “very” long time without changing the tissue paper, then it is not recommended. Although the tissue paper is acid free, it does not mean that the acidity will not change over time, and if in contact with your dress, it may cause damage.

What is the thickness of your tissue paper?

We carry 17 gram premium grade gift wrapping tissue paper in many colours. We also stock a differently priced 14 gram Chinese CAP economy tissue paper that is thinner than the premium tissue paper.

What is the difference between Vivid Wrap gift wrapping tissue and Economy or CAP tissue paper?

Economy tissue is not recommended for gift wrapping level presentation and styling. It is not a bright white tissue paper. It is lighter in thickness and a smaller sheet. Our economy tissue is predominantly used for packing flowers, household items, shoes, china and so on.

How many sheets are in a ream or pack of tissue?

The ream size is 480 sheets per pack.

Do you have small packs of gift wrapping tissue paper?

Yes, we have convenient economical 24 sheet packs of 17 gram tissue paper.