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Water Activated Gummed Paper Tape FAQ

What is Water Activated Gummed Paper tape?

This tape is mainly used for packing and sealing cardboard cartons. Water activated tapes (WAT) are called gum tapes because they have an adhesive on one side (gum) that is not sticky until you wet it and apply moisture.

Is water activated gummed paper tape recyclable?

Yes. The tape is recyclable, even after being activated with water.

How do you use Water Activated Tapes (WAT) and make them sticky?

To make the tape sticky apply water to the bottom side of the tape, this is the side of the tape that is exposed when you peel it. If you have a logo on the tape, you should wet the side without the logo on it. Wetting it can be done by using a water activated tape dispenser, or a clean, wet sponge.

What surfaces can I use it on?

This paper tape is very strong and adheres very well to most surfaces, especially bonding to paper or cardboard.

How strong is it?

It is strong, durable, and as dependable as other plastic cello packaging tapes. A single stripe of 70cm can hold up to 20kg. Although it is made of paper, it has fibreglass reinforced threads running in a diagonal crisscross pattern along the tape for additional strength.

Can I buy this tape without the reinforced fibreglass threads?

No. Currently, we do not stock this type of tape without the reinforced fibreglass threads.

Can I customise the tape with my logo?

Yes. You can get your logo printed on packaging tape and customise your packing with your brand professionally. Please contact us for a quote and the minimum order quantity.