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Wood Wool Specifications


Our food grade wood wool is a popular choice for hamper or produce packaging, such as wine, lobsters and fruits.
The manufacture process is a 100% chemical free process:

  • Our wood wool is manufactured from untreated de-barked Radiata Pine or Poplar.

  • It is air dried to an average 22.5% moisture content. In the last eight years, all our wood wool manufactured is made from the centre core wood, milled from Radiata Pine, which is plantation grown in a sustainable forest from Central North Island, New Zealand.

  • The wood is dried and stored under cover to avoid “sap staining”

  • Our wood wool is manufactured to order and is always “fresh”

  • Excess wood dust is removed from wood wool before packaging

  • Our wood wool meets the requirements of USFDA – Title 21 – Parts 170-199


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