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Zinc Buckets FAQ

What are Koch & Co’s zinc buckets and pails made of?

The body is made of zinc metal and the surface is varnished with a powder coating.

Are Koch & Co’s metal buckets made of tin?

No, our metal buckets are made of zinc.

Are Koch & Co’s metal buckets galvanized?

Yes, we use galvanized metal sheets to make our buckets instead of galvanizing the bucket directly.

Do painted or powder-coated metal buckets rust?

If the body of the bucket is made from galvanized steel and painted or powder-coated, then the metal bucket should not rust for up to 10 years.

Will Koch & Co’s metal buckets rust?

Our metal buckets have a 10-year workmanship guarantee. If cared for properly, the galvanized metal and powder coating should protect the steel from rusting for up to 10 years. The metal bucket may become rusty if you put it in a concentrated acid or alkali environment. Please note, this 10-year guarantee does not apply to our Tin Bambino Bucket due to its zinc handle.

Why do metal buckets rust?

The base metal of the bucket is made from carbon steel, which rusts and corrodes when exposed to moisture. If the protective galvanized surface of the buckets is damaged, then the carbon steel base may be exposed and become rusty.

How can I prevent Koch & Co’s metal buckets from rusting?

Try to avoid putting them in a concentrated acid or alkali environment, or in contact with any harsh chemicals. If you wish to fill your metal bucket with water and flower food for a long period, we recommend putting a plastic container into the zinc bucket to protect it. If your bucket does come in contact with any harsh chemicals or flower food, you should rinse the bucket after use with warm soapy water to extend the life of your metal bucket. Also, always store your metal buckets in a dry, cool area when they are not in use.

Does flower food make metal buckets rust?

Yes, it can over time. As the PH value of flower food normally is around 4.5 – 6, this makes it a very light acid. This acid will damage the zinc bucket if the food is in contact with the surface for a long time (100 hours or more). To prevent this from happening, we recommend putting a plastic container into the zinc bucket, so the flower food does not have direct contact with the metal bucket.

Will Koch & Co’s metal buckets have any effect on fresh cut flowers?

No, they are suitable to use with fresh cut flowers.

Are Koch & Co’s metal buckets food safe and suitable for party favours and hampers?

Our buckets are not classified as food safe. However, if they are cleaned before use and a food grade cello bag is used to line the bucket before your contents are added, then this should be ok. If you wish to use our buckets for hampers, we also recommend using food grade shredded paper to line the bucket with when assembling your hamper.

Can I use metal buckets to plant flowers, shrubs, and herbs?

Because our metal buckets don’t have drainage holes, you need to find suitable plants that do not require drainage. Alternatively, you can use the metal bucket as a decorative plant cover and place a plastic nursery pot inside the bucket. Otherwise, you can create drainage holes at the base of the bucket using a drill.

Are your large metal buckets suitable as ice buckets or for drinking?

Our metal buckets are not suitable for drinking but can be used as ice buckets. We recommend cleaning the bucket before and after use and drying it thoroughly to avoid rust.

What else can I use Koch & Co’s metal buckets for?

You can use our metal buckets as office storage for stationery, in catering stations to hold knives, forks, and salt & pepper sachets, and in candy buffets to hold sweets.