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10 Ideas On How To Decorate Flameless Candles In Your Home

10 Ideas On How To Decorate Flameless Candles In Your Home

10 Ideas On How To Decorate Flameless Candles In Your Home

Celebrate the festive seasons and get creative after the sun dips down with beautiful LED candles that will transform your home. Effortlessly, turn your home into a luxury holiday space by providing all of the perks of regular candles with none of the risks.

LED candles are the perfect lighting solution for your romantic candlelit dinners, cozy movie-night nooks, beautiful holiday displays and even by your bedside as a soothing night light. Since you don’t have to worry about an open flame, the possibilities are endless.

If you want to know how to decorate flameless candles for your home, check out our top ten safe and stylish LED candle feature ideas and be sure to check in with some of your own ideas in the comments section.

How to decorate flameless candles & create stunning features in your home

1. Lanterns

Putting LED candles in a candle lantern is a great way to give an heirloom (or unique bric-a-brac) new life without breaking a sweat. Give your home a touch of rustic charm by decorating with a collectible gas lamp or one of our lantern style wooden candle holders. Even without the gas on hand, you’ll get the same effect with a beautiful warm glow. You can even take them along safely on a camping trip.

How to decorate flameless candles with candle lanterns.

2. Bathroom

Sometimes after a long summer day, there is nothing more relaxing than a long hot bath. What better way to set the mood than with an assortment of LED candles lining the edge of the bathtub to make your vacation within a vacation extra special. If you’re wondering how to decorate flameless candles in your bathroom, there really isn’t much to it! Simply place your candles around your bathroom anywhere and everywhere – the room looks great when the candles are at various heights and you don’t even have to think about relighting them. As they are electric candles just be careful with the ones too close to the water.

3. Plants

LED Candles are a great way to highlight indoor and outdoor plants. You don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional Christmas tree, either. Try placing a few LED candles near succulents and other potted plants among the foliage to highlight wonderful features that you may miss in the daylight. Knowing how to decorate flameless candles with plants opens a range of possibilities that make for stunning candlelit features at evening garden parties and BBQs.

4. Bedside Night Light

The holiday season provides us all with the necessary time to create some extra magic in our lives and everyone we live with. Placing a collection of LED candles on the nightstand or bedside table is a great addition to any bedroom. You can also keep a selection of different coloured fabrics handy to place underneath or around the LED candles so that you can have fun changing the energy of the room and suiting it to your personal taste.

5. For the Table

Having candles with a flame on the table can be a worry with little ones around over the holidays but when you use LED candles instead the worry simply isn’t there. In fact, when to use battery operated candles, you can be even more creative and go completely over the top with a table set up that would put the floating candles of Hogwarts to shame. When it comes to LED candles there is only one rule: the more the merrier. Plus, there are no rules with how to decorate flameless candles at a dinner party – no flame means you can get as creative as you wish!

How to decorate flameless candles for dinner parties on your table.

6. Paper Bag Cut-Outs

This tip on how to decorate flameless candles involves the little ones! While you have the kids at the table – for a minute – get them involved in creating some holiday decorations that everyone can enjoy. Take a small paper bag and a pair of craft scissors and get to crafting some festive cut-out designs. Once the designing is finished place a LED candle inside the bag and now you have a home-made lantern that’s completely safe to carry around.

7. Stairway

Here is a simple way to add a touch of elegance to your stairway. Just place a few LED tealights on each step leading up and watch the magic unfold. This is also a beautiful way to make your home a little safer by lighting the path for holiday guests who may get a little too festive.

8. Porch

Certain decorative choices on a holiday home speak volumes to guests and friends. A porch lit with beautiful LED Candles arranged with care and good intention says “you are welcome here.” If you decide not to use a collection of stringed lights to border your house, this is a wonderful alternative that will bring joy to anyone dropping over to share in some of the holiday spirit.

9. Wine lights

Wine collections tend to grow in size over the holiday season and I’m sure nobody is complaining. But as the bottles start to take up space, why not make them a feature of your holiday home and highlight their beauty with a few strategically placed LED candles. Knowing how to decorate flameless candles this way is also great for the rest of the year too. Whenever you have guests over or are hosting a dinner party, place some LED tea light candles amongst your collection to highlight your range and get the party started!

10. Fire Place

It may be too hot to use a fireplace during the holidays in Australia but that’s no reason why you should waste the space and not decorate. Our final tip on how to decorate flameless candles, is to arrange LED candles inside your fireplace. You can get the same beautiful light source without the heat, upkeep or cleaning – perfect for holiday spirit, without overheating! You can even decorate your fireplace mantlepiece with them too!

People also asked:

How to make flameless candles look real?

Dressing up a flameless candle using jars, bows and other accessories is perfect for making them look more realistic. Placing flameless candles of various heights and thicknesses is another way to easily distract away from the texture of the material they are made with to make them look realistic.

How do flameless candles work?

Flameless candles are battery powered instead of fueled by burning a wick. When you switch on the candle, a realistic looking flame-shaped light at the top lights up, and they usually have a flickering look to add to their authenticity.

How long do battery operated candles last?

Battery operated candles don’t use much power. Because of this, they have the potential to last for a very long time, even as long as 750 hours depending on the quality of the candle and the battery life.

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