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3 Great Ideas To Boost Your Foot Traffic

3 Great Ideas To Boost Your Foot Traffic

3 Great Ideas To Boost Your Foot Traffic

Imagine this scenario: Online sales are booming, but your brick-and-mortar store is lacking customer traffic. You look around and can’t figure out what the problem is. After all, your shelves are fully stocked, the whole store is gorgeously decorated, and you are ready to meet the needs of your customers. Sound familiar?

You don’t want to close the doors and sell exclusively online, so now you’re left wondering how to get more foot traffic back inside. But first, we need to face the simple fact that consumers are changing how they make their purchases. People are beginning to discover that online shopping better fits their busy lifestyles and decide to make a majority of their purchases via the internet.

However, with a little creativity and effort, you can get back those customers you’ve been missing—and keep them coming back. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Social Media

Ideas To Boost Your Foot Traffic - Social Media
Social media is a great way to reach out to potential customers. Facebook is especially important for small businesses who want to connect with locals. There is a campaign feature you can use to set up in-store events.  Get creative with these! For example, if you’re a florist, you could run a campaign on Mother’s Day and give away free roses to the first 50 in-store visitors. You can also research and see how other businesses in your area are campaigning.

Facebook also allows you to create special offers. Creating a daily offer on certain items or a percentage off of a total purchase is a great way to get customers inside.

Another social media tip is to always be there for your customers. Answer their questions, respond to their complaints, or start a conversation! These are all great opportunities to invite customers into your store.

2. Radio Ads

Ideas To Boost Your Foot Traffic - Radio Ads
Believe it or not, radio ads are still an effective way to drive customers to your store. Connect with your local radio station and find out how many listeners they reach per day. Their answer might astound you!

Creating a radio ad is a fun way to let people know about your store and what you have to offer. You can also create ads around the holidays, offering in-store discounts if they mention the ad to you. Be creative and create a slogan or jingle to use on air that people will remember.

3. Public Events

Ideas To Boost Your Foot Traffic - Public Events
People love to head out to craft or shopping shows on the weekends. Setting up your own booth at one of these events is a fantastic way for your business to get noticed. Create an attractive display and offer business cards and flyers with in-store incentives, such as coupons or a free offer. You can also bring items to sell on the spot!

A great tip from a business owner friend of mine is to offer entries to a raffle in exchange for email addresses. You can then uses these email addresses to send out monthly newsletters or to alert potential customers about great in-store specials.

Attending an event is a great way to let your personality and business shine. Most importantly, treat people as if they are family and you’ll soon start seeing them come through the doors in no time.

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