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5 DIY Candle Decoration Ideas

Candles are a beautiful way to spruce up a room as they are easy to embellish and accessorise with any theme. With the summer months upon us, the coastal look is increasing in popularity so we’ve jumped on this trend to bring you five DIY candle decoration ideas using pillar candles and floating candles that have a relaxed and breezy feel.

5 DIY candle decorations to inspire your home decor

1. Less is more with pillar candles

The first DIY candle decoration you can try is very simple, and requires very few items to complete the look. A glass terrarium candle such as our Langdon series provides a good starting point to place white pillar candles in (we used one for a minimal look). Decorate this wooden candle holder with neutral coloured sand, seashells and snip a few frangipani flower heads to really bring the tropics inside.

Additionally, if you want a candle decoration that you can use again and again, then opt for a LED candle! These candles can stay on all day and night and will always look beautiful.

A tropical DIY candle decoration using pillar candles, flowers and seashells.

Items used: 1/ Hurricane Candle Holder 2/ Frangipani Spray in White/Yellow 3/ Assorted Shells in Natural 4/ Pillar Candle

2. Floating candles for triple the tranquillity

Achieve more than just a tropical theme with a set of three floating candles – these add an immediate calming effect, which helps create a spa-like atmosphere in any bathroom or guest room.

With this DIY candle decoration, start off with three slender hurricane glass candle holders of different heights and fill them with approximately 1-2cm of crushed seashells – you can vary the amount of seashells used to create depth – then pour water about three-quarters of the way. Lastly and gently, place a floating candle in each vase before lighting them.

a candle decoration using vases, water, seashells and floating candles

Items used: 1/ Cylinder Vase (20cmH) 2/ Cylinder Vase (26cmH) 3/ Cylinder Vase (16cmH) 4/ Floating Candles 5/ Assorted Shells in Natural

3. Get creative with pillar candles

Sometimes, it’s worth putting in a little more effort and getting creative for a stylish finish. For this DIY candle decoration, place two different sized pillar candles on the candle holders and wrap each one with a neutral coloured ribbon – preferably in jute or flax for a balanced mix of texture.

You can add more to the large candles to accentuate the mismatched effect. Next, trim two branches off a coral tree (one slightly larger than the other) then hot glue each one to ribbon. To finish, hot glue a seashell on to each branch (we spray painted the seashells with Design Master in white to complete the look) and you’ve got a charming table centrepiece!

DIY candle decorations using pillar candles, seashells and string

Items used: 1/ Pillar Candle (15cmH) 2/ Pillar Candle (20cmH) 3/ Ceramic Candelabra 4/ Jute Ribbon in Natural 5/ Design Master Spray in Flat White 6/ Assorted Shells in Natural 7/ Artificial Branches

4. Pillar candles with a modern touch

This is where we turn a simple idea into a modern and contemporary design. Again, use different sized pillar candles (some small some large candles) and wrap each one with foliage – the trick is to hot glue a twig with 2-3 leaves around each one and add layer upon layer until you cover the entire candle.

Tighten the leaves with a jute ribbon and tie a bow on the front of each one, which also gives it a touch of modernity. And there you have it, a gorgeous and quick DIY candle decoration!

DIY candle decorations using artificial greenery, candles and jute ribbon

Items used: 1/ Laurel Leaf 2/ Poly Flax Jute Ribbon 3/4/ Pillar Candle (20cmH)

5. Pillar candles of different height

Create a lovely addition for any room with a seashore look. Start with a long rectangular wooden tray – the perfect makeshift wooden candle holder – preferably in white.

Arrange seven to nine candles of different heights in any pattern (a good rule of thumb is to stick to an odd number). These can be large candles like pillar candles, or smaller ones like votive candles and tealight candles. After you’ve done this, you simply scatter seashells around the candles and that’s it! Light the candles, accessorise with tropical flowers and place in a room!

DIY candle decorations using a wooden tray, pillar candles and seashells

Items used: 1/ Pillar Candle 2/ Pillar Candle (10cmH) 3/ Pillar Candle (15cmH) 4/ Wooden Tray in White 5/ Assorted Shells in Natural

Whether it’s the first candle decoration idea or the last – even all of them, we hope you are more inspired to add a coastal touch in your home (or wedding decorations) with floating and pillar candles.

all 5 DIY candle decoration ideas

People also asked:

How to get candle wax off clothes?

First, you will need to allow the wax to dry. Then, lift off the wax with a blunt knife. You could also iron the wax stain by pressing it against a clean, damp towel that you’ve laid against the wax. The heat will draw the wax out of the clothes and into the towel, and you can repeat until the job is done.

How to make a glitter jar for candles?

Coat the inside of the jar with glue as high up as you would like for the glitter to go. Then, pour some glitter of your choice into the jar. Roll it this way and that to make it stick. Dump out any excess glitter, allow it to dry and then put the candle inside.

How to use floating candles?

Bring all of the candles to the location where you want to float them so you can then light them one after the other. Floating candles are specially designed to float on water without any support. Light one candle and immediately place it into the water. Repeat this task until they are all floating. By lighting them at the same time like this, they may burn around the same amount of time for displaying.

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