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5 Tips To Help Improve Your Christmas Home Décor

5 Tips To Help Improve Your Christmas Home Décor

5 Tips To Help Improve Your Christmas Home Décor

Perhaps you have felt the joy of a white Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere but for Australians, Christmas arrives towards the start of the summer holidays. This can make our Christmas home décor quite distinctive from the rest of the world. The warmer weather allows us to incorporate summer trends into our decorative themes when preparing for Santa’s arrival.

Christmas decorations are one of the most important parts of the holiday season, apart from the food of course. Nothing beats gathering with family and friends to decorate the Christmas tree and fill your home with decorations. However, when it comes to decking the hallways, it can be difficult not to overspend. You still want to have enough money for all of your Christmas gifts and food at the end of the process. 

Never fear, we’re here to assist you! To help improve your Christmas home décor this year we’ve listed our favourite decoration ideas so your home will be transformed into a Christmas wonderland, while still keeping your pocket happy.

1. Choose a colour scheme

We recommend considering a colour scheme simply because it makes decorating more accessible and elegant. Traditional themes like classic reds and greens can add a lot of instant personality to your Christmas decorations.

However, your Christmas décor doesn’t need to be over the top. Simple designs with light neutral colours and natural materials are among the most excellent Christmas decorations. This palette mixes comfort and luxury while remaining ageless in its appearance. It can create a comfortable and welcoming ambience that epitomises the Christmas spirit.


2. Make an appealing front entrance

First and foremost you’ll need a Christmas wreath. Nothing beats it for greeting your guests and establishing a joyous atmosphere as soon as they arrive. If you’re feeling crafty you can even create your own by bending fresh vines or twigs into a circle and binding them with twine. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-made natural or artificial wreath and decorate it with your chosen accessories.

Going that step further and decorating the entryway of your home with extra decorations is a fantastic way to greet your guests. Asymmetrical potted artificial plants or flowers on either side of your front door will give flair to your front entrance. Small Christmas decorations and shimmering vases can also give the area a festive final touch.


3. Incorporate greenery & flowers into your décor

Artificial plants and flowers can incorporate freshness and a summery vibe into your home décor. Poinsettias, rosemary, magnolias, and Australian natives like Eucalyptus are among the most popular plants to use when decorating. 

You can decorate your wreaths and even artificial Christmas tree with flowers to make a unique display. Vases can also be used on tablescapes with brilliant berries and pomegranates to produce a stunning impression on your displays.


4. Brighten up your home with scented candles

Scented candles not only add lustre to your home but are also inexpensive to decorate with. Candles can create an ambience in your home at night and are a wonderful touch to your holiday decor. They also can add an authentic Christmas scent, which is ideal if you’ve chosen an artificial tree and miss the smell of pine in your home.


5. Get creative with snowflakes

If you want to have the white Christmas you always dreamed of you can get creative with the humble snowflake. The snowflake is undoubtedly the most visually appealing Christmas adornment. Try hanging them on a wall or a curtain in various sizes and shapes to enjoy the appearance of snowfall even in Australia’s hot weather during Christmas.

Above all remember decorating for Christmas is not a race. Allow yourself time to appreciate the process of decorating your home for Christmas so you can enjoy the festivities too. To get started, you can shop for all your must-have Christmas decorations on our online store today. We have everything from Christmas Ornaments to Tabletop Trees that will surely make your Christmas magical.

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