5 Ways To Use Paper Cones At Your Next Special Event

We are always on the lookout for simple and cost-effective extras that people can add to their events. A Paper cone is a fantastic event extra that can be used in a variety of different ways. Here are five examples of how you can use paper cones at your wedding, birthday party, or special event.

1. Confetti Holder

At the end of wedding ceremonies, it’s tradition for guests to throw confetti over the happy couple to wish them well. Whether you want to throw flower petals, rice, dried leaves, or coloured confetti at your ceremony; paper cones can be used to distribute the confetti easily to your guests.

Fresh or artificial petals are one of the most popular confetti options for wedding ceremonies. To create a beautiful display, place your paper cones upright in a wooden crate or box. Then add an instructive sign to the front of the display to help encourage your guests to join in with the fun.


2. Pew Ends

Add a final touch to your wedding aisle by using paper cones as pew end flower holders. Your pew end bouquets can also be given to guests as sentimental wedding favours at the end of the night.

To attach the cone to your chairs or pew, simply make two holes under the top lip of the paper cone and thread a piece of ribbon or string through them to create a handle. You can also add some extra detail to the cone by having the couple’s initials printed on the inside or front of the paper cone.


3. Cocktail Food

If you’re looking for an easy and stress-free way to distribute food at your special event, then paper cones are a perfect choice. Their comfortable shape makes it easy for guests to hold them in one hand without having to balance bulky plates. When it comes to filling your cones, you can choose from a variety of hot & cold finger foods, including hot chips, pizza, popcorn and more.

Colour coding your paper cones can also allow you to section the food into different courses or dietary requirements. This system can give guests an easy way of knowing what food is best for them or which course is which.


4. Sugared Almonds

Sugared almonds at weddings symbolise the hope that the newlyweds will enjoy a life that is more sweet than bitter. Traditionally, they are given out to guests in bunches of five to signify love, health, happiness, fertility, and long life.

But old traditions can still be fun! To add new life to this traditional party favour try putting them in a colourful paper cone, along with some other sweet treats. To make sure the almonds stay safe, wrap the paper cone in some sheer fabric and secure it at the top with ribbon or string.


5. Party Favours

Paper cones can be a great choice for party favours at your wedding or birthday. This trendy packaging can hold a variety of gifts for your guests to take home with them. They can also make unique lolly bags for kids birthday parties and can be a fun DIY activity.

Using simple crafts like glitter, pom poms, and sequins; kids can decorate their paper cone and then fill them with all their favourite treats. You can also choose from a range of different coloured paper cones to match your birthday theme and decorations.

lolly bags

Paper cones are a versatile product that can suit a range of ideas and designs for your special occasion. For more decorating ideas read our other Koch Blogs Candle Holders & Decoration Buying Guide and A Guide On How To Use Our Helium Tanks.

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