6 Winning Habits of a Professional Florist

6 Winning Habits of a Professional Florist

Professional Florists have to manage many different parts of their business to ensure success on a daily basis. So many successful florists develop winning habits that make success easy.

Engage and empower your staffEngage and empower your staff. It may sound simple, but engaging your staff in what you do and why you do it usually leads to positive outcomes for all. As a professional florist, you know the level of detail, quality and customer focus you expect. Sharing this during regular staff meetings and training will ensure your staff will learn your good habits.

Always look for value and quality when buyingAlways look for value and quality when buying. A good chef is only as good as the ingredients they use. This is no different for a professional florist. By looking for and buying the best quality and value in your fresh product and floral accessories, you will always ensure your customer will receive the best possible floral experience.

Deliver the bestDeliver the best. Quite often it’s best to under promise and over deliver . Always strive to go over and above your expectations. This is what your customer expects. If you wouldn’t buy something form your shop, why would you expect your customer to do so.

Be organisedBe organised. Those how fail to plan, plan to fail. A florist must be ready at all times to meet the needs of their customers. Be it birthdays, births or sympathy, they always need to plan ahead. Special events and occasions like weddings, Valentines and Mother’s Day to mention a few require forward planning and organisation.

Excite your customerExcite your customers. Returning customers are the life blood of any business. Making new product offering and stocking new products will always keep your customer’s excited and keen to return.

Be socialBe social. Social media and email marketing have become very important in telling your customers and audience who you are and what you are doing. Ensure you create a clear strategy of what you want, how and to who you want to tell about your business and deliver a regular message.


Over the 20 or more years I have been in the industry, professional florists that develop good business habits seem to succeed and evolve into even better florists. Developing these habits will end up making your customers keep coming back for more.

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