7 Ways to Decorate Your Home This Christmas!

Have you started preparing for the festive season? Do you need some inspiration to help give your home some effortless holiday elegance? Here is the Christmas miracle you’ve been searching for! 

As dedicated Christmas lovers, we want to share with you some great ideas on how to get your home into the Christmas spirit. Whether your seasonal style is traditional, natural, or major glitz & glamour; these tips are sure to make your décor look merry, beautiful, and bright!

1. Theme & Budget

Before you even pick up a bauble you should check a few important tasks off your list, these are:

  • Set your decorating budget. This guarantees that you can still buy presents for the family after you’ve finished making your house look its best.
  • Choose your theme. Some of our favourites include Traditional, Natural, Gold, or Silver.
  • Choose your colour palette. This helps achieve consistency throughout your home.

2. Tree Talk

The Christmas Tree stands at the heart of the holiday season; it’s the one thing you absolutely must have to make your home feel festive. Here are some tips about how to set up and decorate your Christmas Tree.  

Ribbon Tree
Christmas Ribbon Tree

Setting up your tree

Firstly, choose a tree that is right for your space, it can be big, small, artificial, or fresh. As most of us have artificial trees a vital point of setting up your tree is to always fluff your tree branches before putting any lights or ornaments on it. To do this, pull apart the branches and bend them at a slight upwards angle. 

To help hide the base of your tree, try adding a creative container. You can use a basket, crate or even a tin bucket or planter. This is also an impactful way of adding personality to your tree.

Start with the Lights

If you want to add lights to your tree, always add them first and then follow with other decorations. To help enhance your ornaments, try using two different types of LED lighting, such as large and small lights.

Decorating your tree

Baubles and tree ornaments are a lovely way to give your tree character. When choosing your ornaments, try and stick to your chosen theme and colour palette, such as coastal, evergreen, snowy pine, or outback/woodlands. Also, try choosing ornaments of different sizes, textures, tones, and hues.

When you start decorating always decorate from the top of the tree and work your way down. Start with placing your tree topper on the top of the Christmas Tree, as putting that tree topper on at the end can be unsafe. Next, place your ornaments on your tree from smallest to largest. Place the smaller sized ornaments at the top and continue to the bottom with the larger pieces. To add texture and colour as you go you can tuck in picks of greenery and berries to zhoosh it up.

Adding fabric, ribbon, or tinsel around the tree branches can help divide the tree into sections so it doesn’t look like a big triangle. This will also help fill up the remaining gaps and give your tree depth. You can use metallic thread rolls by fluffing and twisting them around the tree or even using a burlap fabric to give your tree a woodland/outback look.

To add those final touches, take a few steps back and view your tree. If there are any gaps or clutter, touch them up and shift things around until you are satisfied.

Voila! You have created a seasonal showstopper. 

3. Ornaments 

Ornaments are great for decorating your household. Baubles, Christmas hanging decorations, and floral picks are some of our festive favourites. You can incorporate all these elements by decorating your mantelpiece, tree, garlands, wreaths and even presents. 

If you’re feeling a little creative, one way to use Christmas hanging ornaments is to drape them over your chandelier or lighting fixtures. Try placing them at varying heights to create an eye-catching display. 

Christmas cloche
Christmas Cloche Decoration

4. Garlands

Ever thought of dressing the façade of your home? It can look stunning once you dress it with a Christmas garland. Often overlooked, Christmas garlands are such versatile decorations which you can decorate with different ornaments to match your chosen theme.

There are so many places in the home that you can choose to dress with garlands. You can dress your main door, home pillars, windows, indoor staircases, or your alfresco area. You can even add some LED lights, artificial flowers, and Christmas ribbons to give it that special touch. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, a garland on the mantelpiece is truly a beautiful sight. Adding traditional red candles on your candle holders on either side will give it that moody feel when you light them up.  

Sometimes keeping it simple is best and using the natural elements of a garland are just as effective. Draping a natural garland on your Christmas table can do all the hard work for you. If you do want to add to it, try adding one or two small touches, such as small candle holders

Festival Poinsettia Berry Garland

5. Lanterns

Christmas is the season of lights and lanterns will always help lighten up your Christmas décor.

Large Lanterns can look lovely outside your front door. Try placing a couple in different sizes to one side of your front door, or two of the same size on either side of your door. You can add a final touch by decorating them with berry sprays and ribbons. You can also try adding a cluster of smaller lanterns up your front yard or backyard pathways. 

Why not get creative around your home and add some lanterns under your beautiful Christmas tree, to help complement your LED Christmas lights. Our other favourite places for lanterns are on your mantelpieces, as part of your tablespace, or even in a cute kitchen corner.

6. Tablescape

Table decor is always a great way to add a personal touch to your home at Christmas time. Below we have some simple, but elegant tips that will have your dinner guests talking until next Christmas.

A runner on your table is always a lovely touch, go traditional with shimmery gold or silver hues, or if you prefer a more rustic look opt for a burlap runner. Adding a garland or berry spray to your table runner will help enhance your setting. 

To create a striking centrepiece, place a wooden slice or a charger plate at the base, and display something on it that represents your family or complements your Christmas theme. You can also try adding some wooden letters to create words such as BRIGHT, JOY, MERRY and NOEL.

If a centrepiece isn’t your thing, another idea could be to fill different height glass vases with metallic sprays and poinsettias. Votive candles are also a lovely touch, as are small Christmas decorations and ornaments. 

For that final festive flare, why not try adding a Christmas pick on each plate setting with your guest’s name.

7. Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are traditionally displayed on the front door of homes, giving a welcoming feel to guests. Wreaths are usually the first decorations people see when they enter your home so they can help set the tone for your chosen theme. They are such a versatile feature that you can decorate with your own style, or leave them natural with just a lovely ribbon to hang them with.

There are so many front door wreaths to choose from, but here are some of our favourites: 

Wreaths aren’t just meant for your front door, they can also be used in wonderful home displays. A wreath can be used as part of a centrepiece on your tablescape. To complete this look, add a glass vase on the inside of the wreath and place a candle inside the vase.

You can also display wreaths on your buffet as a showpiece with lovely Christmas ornaments around it, on the inside of your front windows, on the backs of your chairs, or your kitchen bar stools.

Traditional Pine Wreath

We hope this article has given you some ideas about how to create, decorate and celebrate this festive season. To browse our huge range of Christmas trees, ornaments, garlands, and more go to our website or visit one of our friendly staff at our Koch & Co Auburn Superstore today. 

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