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A Guide For How To Measure Your Flower Crown

A Guide For How To Measure Your Flower Crown

A Guide For How To Measure Your Flower Crown

The excitement is building for one of the biggest concerts coming to Australia in 2024, and there’s no better way to elevate your Taylor Swift Eras Tour outfits than with some stunning flower crowns or flower headbands. Whether you want your Eras Tour outfits to reflect the spirit of Lover, 1989, Reputation, or any other era-theme, a flower crown made with artificial or preserved flowers can be the perfect accessory to amplify your look.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of making your very own artificial or preserved flower crown, ensuring you stand out in the crowd while celebrating Taylor Swift’s musical journey.

Tips for choosing the perfect flowers:

Selecting the right artificial and preserved flowers for your DIY flower crown is crucial to match the era you’re celebrating and your overall ears tour outfit. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Colour Palette: Align the colours of the flowers with the colour scheme of the era you’re representing. Pastels for the Lover Era, bold purple hues for the Speak Now Era, and moody tones for the Reputation Era.
  • Flower Types: Use types of flowers that match the era you’re focusing on. A rose crown featuring rich red Roses helps evoke the passion of the Red Era, and dramatic flowers like black Peonies would awaken the devious splendour of the Reputation Era.
  • Accessories: Don’t hesitate to embellish your flower crown with diamantes, glitter, decorative picks, beads, ribbons, or even tiny charms that resonate with the theme of the era. These additions can give a unique touch to your flower crown.

Need some Taylor Swift Eras Tour outfit ideas? How to match your flower crown with your outfit:

Before we dive into the flower crown crafting process, let’s explore some outfit ideas to help match your flower crown to the various Taylor Swift Eras Tour themes:

Taylor Swift Debut Era:
  • Capture the country charm and innocence of Taylor’s debut album with floral dresses, cowboy boots, and a touch of vintage flair. Opt for a flower crown made of Sunflowers, Daisies, and blue Baby’s Breath all tied together with a light blue satin ribbon to reflect the simplicity and sweetness of this era.
Fearless Era:
  • Make a statement with a vintage-inspired gold fringe dress paired with some diamante-detailed cowboy boots. For your flower crown, select blooms like white roses and metallic gold Hydrangeas that exude a romantic and charming vibe to complete your outfit choice.
Speak Now Era:
  • Let sparks fly by channelling the whimsical elegance of this era with vintage-inspired outfits, embellished with tulle & lace details. Choose flowers in a range of purple shades that evoke this era’s fairy-tale spirit, like purple Roses, Orchids, Eucalyptus and more.
Red Era:
  • Embrace boldness with vibrant reds and a hint of retro glamour. Your flower crown should also reflect the fieriness of this era. Go for rich red flowers like Roses, Peonies, and more to match this passionate aesthetic.
1989 Era:
  • Go for a sleek, modern look with bold crop tops, high-waisted skirts, and plenty of metallic accents. This era calls for a bit of shimmer and sparkle, so choosing metallic silver Greenery and soft blue Hydrangeas are a perfect choice. Add some quirky Bird picks as a little nod to the album’s cover art.
Reputation Era:
  • Embrace edgier styles with dark colours, leather jackets, and statement accessories. Add bold elements to your flower crown, like black Roses and Peonies that mirror the unapologetic attitude of this album.
Lover Era:
  • There is no need to calm down your outfit choice for this romantic era. Think high-waisted shorts and face jewels! Select flowers in a rainbow of vibrant pastel hues when creating your flower crown, including yellow Bellflowers, pink Ranunculus, and more, to truly capture the essence of this era. Add a cute love heart padlock as a little nod to the album’s romantic aesthetic.
Folklore Era:
  • Opt for a dress adorned with delicate floral patterns or lace details, reflecting the album’s folkloric imagery. Layer it with a lightweight, oversized cardigan to evoke a sense of comfort. Complement your ensemble with a flower crown that captures this era’s whimsical vibes. Choose a mix of white Bellflowers, and preserved Baby’s Breath to give it some ethereal allure. Intertwine them with natural elements like preserved moss for a pop of earthy colour. Finish off your design by adding a touch of vintage charm with a lace ribbon tie.
Evermore Era:
  • Opt for cosy, cottagecore-inspired outfits with earthy tones, comfy sweaters, rich plaid flannels, and vintage accessories. Complement your ensemble with a preserved flower crown that embodies this era’s poetic allure. Choosing rustic and moody blooms like almond Moonwort, apricot Ranunculus, and brown preserved Bunny Tails will make this creation simply charming.
Midnights Era:
  • Embrace the dreamy and mystical atmosphere of the “Midnights” album with dark, celestial-inspired outfits. Your flower crown can feature moody colours and elements, like blue Roses and French blue Orchids, that evoke the mysteries of the night. Don’t be afraid to add some bejewelled accessories to make your whole creation shimmer!

Steps on how to create an easy DIY flower crown with artificial or preserved flowers:

Now that you have a clear vision of your era-inspired outfit and the flowers you want to use, it’s time to start crafting your flower crown. Follow these straightforward steps:

Materials Needed:


1. Prepare Your Base: Connect two 16 gauge wires with floral tape and then shape the floral wire into a circle that comfortably fits around your head. If you’re using a pre-made base, you can skip this step.


2. Attach Your Ribbon: Tape your chosen ribbon to each end ¼ of the way up to secure it. Make sure to leave extra length to trim later.


3. Attach Your Flowers: Begin attaching your flowers to the base using floral tape. Start at the end of the wire near the ribbon and work your way inward. Alternate from small to big flowers around the crown to create a focal point at the front, or just go big all the way around! Let your creativity guide you to bring your vision to life.

4. Add Accessories: If you’re incorporating beads, ribbons, or other accessories, attach them where desired using floral tape or your hot glue gun.


5. Finishing Touches: If necessary, use a hot glue gun to reinforce any loose flowers or elements. Ensure there are no sharp edges or wires that could be uncomfortable to wear. Test out tying your crown around your head to see if it fits comfortably. Doing this can also help determine if you want to trim your ribbon length or not.


6. Wear with Pride: Your DIY flower crown is now ready to be worn! Pair it with your chosen era-inspired outfit and get ready to shine at the concert.

Crafting your own flower crown is not only a fun and creative activity but also a way to express your enthusiasm for Taylor Swift’s incredible musical journey. By carefully selecting your flower types and colours, you can capture the essence of the era you’re celebrating and curate a look that’s uniquely yours. So, gather your materials, channel your inner Swiftie, and get ready to rock the Taylor Swift Eras Tour in style with your beautiful DIY flower crown or floral headbands!

For more information about making flower crowns, read our other Koch blog now, A Guide For How To Measure Your Flower Crown. You can also explore our wide range of artificial flowers, preserved flowers and other DIY must-haves via our website or in-store at our Koch & Co Auburn Superstore.

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