A Guide For How To Measure Your Flower Crown

A beautiful flower crown is always a crowd-pleaser. Since their rise to popularity a few years ago they have been a hit accessory at a range of events, from bridal showers to The Melbourne Cup. 

One of the main things that attract people to these cute headpieces is the fact that they are so easy to make. However, in our experience, the one main problem that many flower crown enthusiasts have is that they don’t know how to measure their heads for the perfect fit.  

As the first step in the creation of any successful flower crown, it is important to get this right. In this helpful blog, we will show you just how easy it is to measure yourself to start creating your dream flower crown.  

What You Will Need:  

Step 1

Firstly, place the start of the measuring tape above one ear and wrap the tape around your head. The tape should sit just above your ears and eyebrow line, but you can adjust this to what feels comfortable for you. Remember, don’t pull the measuring tape too tightly as you should leave a little room for when you add your flowers.  


Step 2 

Remove the measuring tape from your head making sure to keep hold of the point that indicates your head’s size. To make this easier to remember for later, you can mark the tape with a small dot using your pen or pencil. Then, lay your chosen ribbon flat on a clean workbench and measure 30cm starting from the end of your ribbon. This 30cm will allow you to comfortably tie your flower crown around your head when you are finished. You will do the other side after the next step.


Step 3

From this 30cm line, measure the length of your head measurement and mark this on the ribbon with your pen or pencil. After this is done, measure out another 30cm to give yourself your last bit of tying length.  


Step 4

The below diagram shows the different sections you should now have marked out on your ribbon. These include the main design section and two end tying sections.

flower crown diagram

Step 5

When you are finished measuring your ribbon, take your scissors and cut your length of ribbon.


Step 6

Now comes the fun part! It’s time to get creative and start attaching your chosen artificial flowers to your ribbon. To make this process a little easier, it is always a good idea to decide on your chosen design first before you glue anything into place.

To help decide where you want your flowers to sit, we recommend tying the ribbon around your head and marking the locations with a pen. You could choose to have all your flowers spaced out evenly across your crown, or have them clustered on one side, as shown in the example below. Just remember to only add flowers within the design section of your ribbon and not on the end sections.


Step 7 

When the glue has dried and the flowers are set into place, tie your flower crown around your head. For the ends of the ribbon, you can either leave these long or get a helpful friend to assist you in trimming them to create a cute bow.   

And voilà! Your flower crown is now ready to wear!


For more information on how to decorate your DIY flower crown or to create a wire flower crown, read our other DIY Flower Crown Koch Blog now. You can also find all the supplies you need to create your own flower crowns on our website or at our Koch & Co Superstore.

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