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A Guide On How To Use Our Eco-Friendly Koch & Co Silica Gel

A Guide On How To Use Our Eco-Friendly Koch & Co Silica Gel

A Guide On How To Use Our Eco-Friendly Koch & Co Silica Gel

In the world of fast-paced business and e-commerce, more and more goods are being ordered online, picked, packed, and shipped with couriers all around Australia. Although this online shopping evolution is great for business, it also comes with an inevitable downside, waste. So, to give the earth a helping hand, we have made some big changes to try and do our part to minimise our carbon footprint, reduce waste, and ensure responsible recycling.

At Koch & Co, we go to great lengths to pack your orders well and make sure they are protected from potential damage during their trip to your door. To try and make our packaging as sustainable as it can be, we have started using:

Recycled or Virgin Kraft Cardboard Boxes
Kraft Boxes

Brown Kraft Water-Activated Paper Tape
Paper Tape

Honeycomb Packaging Protective Kraft Paper Wrap

We have even started placing our larger orders on wooden or upcycled plastic pallets.
Upcycled plastic pallet

Much to our delight, these new materials have been surprisingly durable. We have found that the paper tape is strong and secure, and the new honeycomb protective wrap acts as an effective paper bubble wrap. The honeycomb protective wrap is kraft paper that has been put through a special slicer that leaves cuts in the paper. Once the paper is stretched, the honeycomb pattern lifts and becomes a springy paper wrap.

Unfortunately, from time to time we may need to use plastic packing tape, plastic bubble wrap, and plastic strapping tape. However, we are working hard to reduce the use of these materials and are moving as fast as we can to use more Eco-friendlier packing solutions.

Some common questions we are asked about our packaging are:

Can you upcycle your Koch order packaging?

The simple answer is yes. The cardboard boxes can be reused along with the bubble wrap, be it paper or plastic.

How do you properly dispose of your Koch & Co order packaging?

Paper & Cardboard
The paper boxes, cardboard boxes, and paper wrapping materials can be recycled in your regular paper recycling bins.
Soft Plastic
Soft plastics, like bubble wrap and cello tape, can be placed in your local shopping centre soft plastic recycling bins.
Hard Plastic
Your hard plastic carton strapping can be put in the regular plastic bottle recycling bin. You may also wish to double-check with your local council to see if there is also an alternative option in your area.

Here are five creative ways to upcycle your Koch & Co packaging:
  1. Reuse your Kraft paper boxes to keep floral arrangements secure during transport.
  2. Reuse boxes when you go shopping.
  3. Paper packing can be used in hampers to bulk up the base and secure your products.
  4. You can get creative and plat the plastic strapping to create mats, baskets, planters, or chair bases.
  5. You can also easily turn wooden pallets into upright planter boxes for your garden.

For more information of packaging, read our Guide to Wood Wool & Shred Buying or our Shred & Filler FAQ page. For more information on our range of Eco-friendly products, read our other Koch Blogs Get It Fresh™ – Our NEW Eco-friendly Flower Bags & Wraps or A Guide On How To Use Our Eco-Friendly Koch & Co Silica Gel.

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