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A Guide On How To Use Our Helium Tanks

Helium balloons are a function favourite. These festive decorations help elevate the mood of any event by adding ambience and excitement to your space. However, transporting helium balloons to a location can be very difficult. Not only can they take up a lot of space, depending on how many you might transport, but transportation can also reduce the lifespan of the balloons.

Unlike other brands, like Balloon Time Helium Tanks, our Koch & Co Helium Tanks are lightweight, disposable, easy to use, and a safe option for your next party or special event. These high-quality helium tanks give you the advantage of filling your balloons on-site and take away the headache that comes with ordering and transportation.

This helpful guide will show you how easy this product is to use, and how to dispose of it safely.

How To Use:

1. Remove the rubber tip cap and attach the balloon nozzle.

2. Open the tank valve by rotating the handle anti-clockwise.

3. Slide the neck of the balloon over the balloon nozzle.

4. Lift the balloon nozzle upwards to release the gas and fill the balloon.

5. Inflate the balloon to the recommended size. Do not overfill the balloon or it may burst.

6. Remove the inflated balloon from the nozzle and knot or clip the end of the balloon to secure it. Please take caution as the balloon might fly away. We recommend that a ribbon and/or balloon weight is attached to the end of the balloon to prevent it from flying away.

7. After use, close the tank valve by rotating the handle clockwise. Ensure the tank valve is strictly closed when not in use.

How To Dispose Of Your Tank:

Recycling programs may vary in each area, please contact your local council for more details. Always ensure the tank is empty and depressurised to avoid serious injury.

To Dispose of your tank, you will need:

  • Hammer
  • Flat-head Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Protective work Gloves
  • Protective work Goggles
  • Permanent Marker

1. Go to a well-ventilated area, then fully open the tank valve by turning it anti-clockwise. Ensure that the nozzle is facing away from you, then push down on the nozzle to release the leftover gas. Keep pressing until you can no longer hear a hissing sound.

2. Remove the nozzle by unscrewing it anti-clockwise.

3. Put on your protective gloves and goggles. Locate the round blowout valve at the top of the tank where the nozzle and green valve is. Using a hammer and flat-head screwdriver, carefully puncture the inner edge of the small blowout valve until it can be pried off using the pliers. You may need to puncture the blowout valve in a few places around the inner edge to fully open and remove it.

4. Once the blowout valve has been removed, take a permanent marker, circle the hole and write “EMPTY”, in large bold letters, next to it.

5. Take the empty tank to your local recycling centre or, if offered in your area, contact your local council to organise a roadside collection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many balloons can my tank fill and how long will they last?

Please refer to the diagram below that matches your tank size:

7L Helium Tank

7L Helium Tank

13L Helium Tank

13L Helium Tank

22.4L Helium Tank

22L Helium Tank
Does the tank nozzle work for both latex and foil balloons?

Yes. The nozzle that is included with your helium tank can be used to inflate both latex and foil balloons.

What is Koch TOP Float gel and how do I use it?

Koch TOP Float is a balloon booster treatment that enhances the float time of your balloons. This gel will help extend the float time of your balloons for up to several days. It is safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable.
Before you inflate your balloons, squirt a small amount of the TOP Float gel inside the balloon and rub the balloon with your fingers so that the liquid is evenly spread. Then proceed to inflate your balloon with the helium tank as normal.
Please note: This item is not included with the tank and is sold as a separate item.

Our quality helium tanks will ensure your balloons will have a lasting effect at your next party or special event. For more information about Latex or Foil Balloons, please read our Foil/Mylar Balloons FAQ and Latex Balloons FAQ pages. For more information about Helium Safety please read our Helium Safety Guidelines page. You can shop our range of helium tanks in-store or online today.

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