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A Guide to Cello Bags – All You Need to Know About this Useful Product

A Guide to Cello Bags – All You Need to Know About this Useful Product

A Guide to Cello Bags – All You Need to Know About this Useful Product


  • At Koch & Co. we have extended our bomboniere packaging range with creative and convenient new designs and materials.
  • Consider what qualities you need in packaging to keep your bomboniere safe.
  • Use your packaging to make your bomboniere gift not only enticing, but also easy to carry home.
  • Common decorations include ribbons, artificial and dried flowers, name tags, and decorative charms.

People have been giving bomboniere thank-you gifts to guests for centuries. Giving thoughtful gifts to guests (some of whom have travelled far and wide to attend) is a great way to show gratitude, and there are so many ways to make your bombonieres (a.k.a party favours) thoughtful in both nature and packaging.

However, in the throes of organising an event, some of us don’t have the time to be personalising, building, or wrapping thoughtful and beautiful gifts. Luckily, at Koch & Co. we have extended our bomboniere packaging range with creative and convenient new designs and materials!  Read on for tips and tricks in our helpful bomboniere packaging buying guide.

What do I need to consider when choosing bomboniere packaging? 

  • Theme and colour scheme:

Koch & Co. stock a huge range of colours, shapes, materials, and sizes, so choosing something that matches an event’s theme should be achievable.  However, your bomboniere packaging may well be designed to reflect something else. If the person being celebrated has a hobby, a passion, or a memory they would like to reflect, this is also an option to consider in your packaging designs.   

  • Environmental impact:

For many hosts and guests alike, sustainability is an increasingly important factor. If bomboniere packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable, this can minimise waste and simplify disposal for your guests. For your convenience, our product listings online describe whether bomboniere packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. 

  • Food safety:

Food-based bombonieres need to be safe to eat – luckily for you, our product listings online describe whether bomboniere packaging options are food-safe.  

  • Portability of packaging:

If a packaged bomboniere has handles or can fit in a guest’s purse or pocket, this will mean that your guests need to juggle one fewer thing on their way home and therefore are more inclined to take it with them.

  • Protectiveness:

If your bomboniere gift is fragile, it’s important to have a protective style of packaging. Environmentally-friendly wood wool does a great job of absorbing impact and moisture. Alternatively, a small plastic or cardboard box may work as an outer layer to protect, as well as to bear the weight of your gift. Wood wool and other shred and fillers are available at Koch & Co., and samples of bomboniere packaging are available to see and feel at our Auburn Superstore.

What types of bomboniere packaging are available?

1. Wedding Favour Boxes:

Best used for: weddings, bridal showers, baby’s first birthday, baptisms, and baby showers.

Our bomboniere boxes are durable, inexpensive, and dainty. Available in a range of pearlescent and pastel tones, these boxes can be matched to almost any colour palette. Made with strong cardboard, our flat pack bomboniere boxes sound in their construction and provide an easy packaging solution with minimal effort. 

How to use: 

These bomboniere boxes are ideal for small sweet gifts like jordan almonds or chocolates. Seal your wedding favour box (and the goodies inside) with a flourish of ribbon. Tie a ribbon on either end of our BonBon boxes or tie a small bow on the top of our petite boxes. At Koch & Co., we have an extensive ribbon range, from minimalist twine to regal gold craft cord. With a vast variety of ribbons in a huge range of colours, at Koch, you’ll find ribbon bomboniere ribbon to match your event theme and colour palette.  

natural kraft bombinere box packaging

2. Bomboniere Jars

Best used for: weddings, baby showers, and festive holiday gifts.

Bomboniere jars are a great alternative to small wedding favour boxes. Infinitely reusable and made from premium glass, these decorative glass jars make packaging a gift in and of itself that is sustainable and long-lasting. 

How to use: 

Ideal for housing small candles or lollies, these decorative jars are versatile and sturdy. For a simple final touch, tie with a small bow. To prevent guests from fumbling with and/or dropping your delicate bombonieres, we recommend placing glass jars into gift bags stuffed with tissue paper or wood wool. Stuffing gift bags for fragile bombonieres with wood wool or tissue paper for an elegant and cost effective way to protect gifts. Koch & Co. stock multiple options for shred and fillers, in a range of colours, materials, and quantities.  

bomboniere in glass jars packaging

3. Cellophane Bags

Best used for: birthday parties, fundraiser thank you gifts, and festive holiday gifts.

Our range of cellophane bags is made from a range of materials including eco-friendly plastic, cellulose, or cellophane. Transparent, and as such, ideal for displaying bomboniere gifts, we stock self-sealing and unsealed bags in a range of sizes and in both square and rectangular shapes. 

How to use: 

Perfect for sweets and small homewares like photo frames, our cellophane bags are a great way to show off  your bombonieres. Utilise the transparency of your cellophane bags by filling them not only with your bombonieres, but also confetti. Confetti adds visual appeal and at Koch & Co., our confetti comes in a range of colours and shapes. Available in both tissue paper and traditional metallic tinsel materials. Secure unsealed bags with decorative ribbon, to contain the contents. 

bomboniere in cello bag packaging

4. Organza Bags

Best used for: weddings, religious rites of passage, and baby showers.

A classic gift packaging solution, the organza bag is a semi-sheer fabric bag with a drawstring tie. Available in a range of sizes as well as pastel and metallic tints, these organza bags are inexpensive, reusable, and elegant. 

 How to use: 

Ideal for self-care gifts like bath bombs, or alcohol-related gifts like bottle stoppers, an organza bag is an old favourite for bomboniere packaging. Inherently decorative, these bags can be used as decorations in the home by your guests. To capitalise on this, add artificial or preserved flowers to your organza bags for a finishing touch. Easy to glue well before your event, artificial and preserved flowers add natural beauty and colour to your bombonieres without the pressure of wilting petals. Available in a vast array of colours, varieties, and sizes, at Koch & Co., we have the flowers that will match your event theme and colour palette. 

organza bag bomboniere packaging

5. Jute Pouches

Best used for: weddings, end of school year teacher gifts, fundraiser thank you gifts, and festive holiday gifts.

Available in a range of sizes that are perfect for most bombonieres, our jute pouch range is predominantly made from jute, but also features calico, hessian, polyester, and cotton materials. Jute is one of the most eco-friendly crops in the world. Some fun facts about jute:

  • Jute fibre is 100% biodegradable and reusable
  • A hectare of jute plants consumes approx. 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases approx. 11 tonnes of oxygen.
  • Jute crops enrich the fertility of soil for the next crop rotation.
  • These crops are less thirsty than cotton crops.
  • Jute requires little or no fertilisers and pesticides.

All of our jute pouches come with a drawstring or tie, which makes for a convenient bomboniere packaging solution. They are highly reusable for a number of purposes. 

How to use: 

For self-care gifts like soaps, or beverage-related gifts like herbal teas and coffee beans, a jute bag can be a great fit. Just like organza bags, these bags are Inherently decorative and can be presented to guests as is. However, for a finishing touch to your jute pouch bomboniere packaging, we recommend a decorative pick. Place a decorative pick in your jute pouch before tying the drawstring (be sure to cut the stick on your pick down to size first). Secure with the drawstring and perhaps a ribbon, for added reinforcement. A colourful windmill pick is a whimsical touch that can bring joy to the child in all of us and a chalkboard pick provides a fantastic opportunity for a personalised touch.  

jute bag bomboniere packaging

6. Acetate Boxes:

Best used for: weddings, engagements, wedding vow renewals, religious rites of passage, and festive holiday gifts.

Our range of acetate boxes comes in a range of square, rectangular, and round shapes. Perfectly suited to differently-shaped gifts like cookies, our range of acetate boxes (excepting corsage boxes) are made from durable food grade acetate. 

How to use: 

Acetate boxes are also well-suited to displaying bombonieres that may not be used immediately in the homes of your guests. Suitable for not only cookies, they are also great for alcohol-related gifts and self-care gifts. Seal your acetate boxes with a ribbon and an acrylic charm. These colourful translucent charms match the transparent style of acetate boxes, and marry your bomboniere to your event theme. Our acrylic charms are available in pink, blue, and clear, in like the shape of a crucifix, a baby pram, a lollipop, and more. 

corsage acetate box bomboniere packaging

7. Party Favour Bags

Best used for: birthday parties, end of school year teacher gifts, fundraiser thank you gifts, and festive holiday gifts.

Our party favour bags are made from paper, available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Some of our favour bags come with tin ties and are lined with Plylactic Acid Film (PLA) transparent windows. PLA is a starch from plants, which makes for an eco-friendly, plastic-free bomboniere packaging solution. 

How to use: 

Seal your party favour bags with a custom sticker. Not only does this keep bombonieres safe, it’s more hygienic for food-based party favours. A sticker gives an opportunity to add a real personalised touch to your bombonieres. A popular sticker design option for weddings is to use a custom logo with the initials of the newlyweds. 

For a smaller scale event, an alternative to stickers includes using a peg to seal your party favour bag and to also pin on a greeting card. A greeting card is an effective way to convey a personal message at a minimal cost. A large range of greeting cards and mini pegs are available at Koch & Co.  

paper bag bomboniere packaging

With all this great info we hope you can find solutions and options for your event and style, whether it prioritises convenience, sentimental value, or luxury. For more buying guides and helpful information about bomboniere packaging, read our other Koch Blogs A Guide to Cello Bags – All You Need to know About this Useful Product and Candle Holders & Decoration Buying Guide.  

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