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DIY Easter Egg Hunt Baskets

DIY Easter Egg Hunt Baskets

DIY Easter Egg Hunt Baskets

DIY Easter Baskets for Kids 

As far as Easter craft ideas go, this one can be purely for the grown-ups looking to create beautiful Easter baskets for eggs or floral arrangements. However with less glue gun and a little more going crazy with ribbons and colours, basket decorating makes for a great kids craft activity. At Easter children eat copious amounts of chocolate, run around hunting for hidden treasure and get time off school – adding some crafty fun might just make it their favourite time of year. Pre-decorated Easter baskets are a quick-fix, but what could be a more enjoyable activity for the school holidays than decorating your own?

Easter egg baskets have a long tradition and not only come in handy for gathering Easter eggs in any egg hunts, but make great gifts for family and friends. They also serve as the perfect piece to instantly bring some Easter joy inside, as part of a table centrepiece, or to display floral arrangements.

The basket inspirations below go from easy-to-make projects, using decorations like moss, windmills and eggs. One of our favourite crafty extras, ribbons work equally well for Mothers Day or Easter Baskets. You can also use flowers to thread into the basket weave as we’ve done, or try wrapping stems around the handles for a pretty effect.

DIY Easter Basket and Hamper Inspirations

Ribbons are a Basket’s Best Friend:
Ribbons are a great way to decorate your baskets – they’re virtually mess-free, can be re-used once Easter is over, and also offer a crafting activity for kids that ventures from papier-mâché and paint. When it comes to Easter baskets for kids, it’s often the cleanest approach that’s the best one!

If you’d like to thread ribbon through the basket’s weave, a great tip is to use a large soft pointed needle or paper clip to make it easy. Wired ribbon can also be a good choice for this job. Using this technique you can alternate the colour patterns and create something quite special with minimal fuss.

Wrapping or braiding ribbon around the basket handle is another crafty idea – ask your child to pick three of their favourite colours and plait them together, either to wrap around the top of the basket or around the handle for an easier grip! If you’re using a tin bucket instead of a woven basket, ribbons in their favourite colours are a great addition, with the texture complementing the chic, glossy tinware finish.

Using Colour:
One of the great elements of Easter are the bright and vibrant colours – stray from the norm and let your child’s creativity and uniqueness fly with as many colours as you can get your hands on! Easter doesn’t have to be all about pink and white – make your basket unique by looking at different colour combinations such as purple and green, blue and yellow, an array of pastels or even a natural coloured theme for a rustic touch.

Decorating Your Basket:
There are plenty of Easter decorations for sale, and you don’t have to stop at decorating your basket with just eggs, think about adding flowers, or even a cute bunny soft toy if it’s for a gift hamper. As an added bonus, once Easter is over, your baskets can be de-constructed and the plush toy reused as a cuddly keepsake long after the chocolate is gone. Painting baskets can be great fun for almost any age and easy-to-attach decorations like stickers are a great option if you have young kids who aren’t yet up to fiddly crafts.

Once your baskets are finished, proudly display them for everyone to see. Easter egg baskets are a great way to keep track of whose eggs are whose and, aside from being a great source of pride, creativity and an activity to keep the kids occupied over the break – the Easter bunny will know where to deliver the goods!

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