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DIY Floral Hoop Arrangement

DIY Floral Hoop Arrangement

DIY Floral Hoop Arrangement

The abstract look of floral hoop wedding bouquets has hit town! This DIY will show you how to create an artificial floral hoop for a wedding bouquet.

Things you will need:

Floral Hoop DIY Supplies

Step by step:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

DIY Floral Hoop Arrangement

  1. Start with you greenery.

    We suggest using segments from our artificial leaves products, such as eucalyptus garlands or sprays. Starting from the bottom up, tie working your way halfway up top the floral hoop making it look thicker at the bottom of the hoop and thinner as you work upwards leaving about 8-10cm at the bottom for your flowers.

    – Starting from the bottom up to half way of the hoop, lay your greenery (eucalyptus garlands or sprays) down and hot glue the greenery to the metal floral hoop.
    – Make sure that your greenery is thicker and more dense at the base of the hoop compared to the middle of the hoop so you can a more flush arched look.Floral Hoop DIY 2

  2. Hot glue your ranunculus to the inner part of the floral hoop making sure you curve them to the shape of the hoop, facing their heads up.

    – Grab your small headed flowers and glue them to the inside of the hoop
    – We chose Ranunculus stems as our small headed flowers
    – Make sure to curve the flowers to follow the shape of the hoop. This will create more open space in the inner of the hoop.

  3. Glue your succulents on either side of where you will be placing your rose heads.

    Allow roughly 10-15cm for where your rose heads will lie.Floral Hoop DIY 3

  4. Glue your rose heads to the bottom of your hoop.

    Insert them between your succulents.

  5. When you have placed your roses on your hoop, glue some more eucalyptus around your roses to give it that fullness that it needs.  

    Floral Hoop DIY 4

  6. Get your ribbon on arm length and tie it to the floral hoop using a fine jute string (you can tie it to the top, bottom or to the side of your hoop). Any kind of bow would suit.

    Note – If you feel that your hoop needs more flavour or fullness don’t be afraid to add some extra leaves & greenery. Fill it up with flowers and eucalyptus garlands or what ever leafy greens your heart desires!Floral Hoop DIY

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