DIY Flower Crown

Flower crowns are all the rage and are certainly on trend for weddings, engagements and general occasions. This Flower Crown DIY is an easy and simple how to for making flower crowns. The example we outline is a beginner’s level DIY for flower crowns and will not take more than 30 minutes of your time.

Things you will need:

Step by step:

Step 1.

Measure grapevine twine around head leaving an extra two inches on either end of twine

Step 2. 

Twist the two ends of twine together to secure a circle overlapping the extra four inches

Step 3.

Select and arrange flowers around crown, be sure to use a variety of different size flowers and even some greenery. You can either arrange flowers all around the head or just the front of head.

Step 4.

Cut off flower stems leaving around an inch of stem for taping to the twine. Form a hook with a florist wire and secure it around the first flower stem. Repeat for each flower.

Step 5.

Start taping flowers one by one onto twine. Keep in mind to start at one end and work your way around.

It’s as easy as that!

Note: Parafilm Green (which is also known as floral tape) is not like normal tape, it does not have an adhesive side. Unlike normal tape, Parafilm adheres to itself, therefore you need to wrap it around a few times to keep it secure.

Optional: To add an extra flare, you can tie a ribbon at the back with a bow and leave around 10 cm of ribbon hanging.

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