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Easy Easter Decorations

Easy Easter Decorations

Easy Easter Decorations

Decorating with both fake moss and natural preserved moss is a wonderful way to instantly bring the outdoors in, and it’s an incredibly useful tool for creating memorable event décor. Moss really is a floral décor superstar – it’s stunning when used as part of table centrepieces or hanging flower arrangements, and it’s ideal for professionally dressing container plants, bulbs and orchid pots. We’re embracing this growing trend at Koch by stocking one of the largest selections of moss decorations and artificial plants Australia has.

Not only is moss versatile, it’s really easy to use nowadays, coming in handy loose bags or in easy to cut sheets that make creating unique décor a breeze. So, here’s a countdown of some of our favourite moss decoration ideas for your wedding, special event or general floral designs.


1. Moss Wedding Decoration

Moss is hugely fashionable in wedding décor circles, with good reason. It brings a natural touch to everything from table centerpieces to wedding bouquets. And using moss in weddings doesn’t always have to be about creating a rustic vibe – moss can be used to create really elegant designs with a nod towards a bohemian or relaxed wildness. Start with large statement glassware, like martini vases, or drape candelabra in swaths of hanging moss, adding a profusion of flowers and small hanging tea candles to create the kind of full-on glamour you see here.

2. Woodland Themed Events

Outdoor or woodland themes are big news for all kinds of events, from intimate christenings (think miniature moss animals poking out from moss table settings) to large-scale corporate events. The design devil is in the detail and even small hints of moss décor can really help pull together an outdoor theme. Consider using moss in unexpected places, like table place card holders or by creating moss table numbers. Build on this idea by using other natural details, like natural sticks and branches, to give your décor a wonderfully woodsy feel.


3. Moss Pot Plant Dressing

Spanish moss and its cousin reindeer moss are so simple to use – a layer of either on top of pot plants is transformative and all that’s needed to create a beautifully finished presentation. They help maintain soil health and moisture levels too, so good looks are only part of the appeal. Soft and springy, these kinds of moss products are easy to manipulate and as an added bonus their colour won’t fade.

4. Moss Balls & Moss Topiary Trees

Preserved moss balls and topiary trees are the quickest way to add moss details to your design, and bring a sense of the outdoors, inside instantly. Adding your moss balls and topiary trees to table settings certainly ups the glamour stakes for even the simplest events.

5. Moss Place Settings & Table Runners

Moss mats are ideal products to unleash your creativity on, whether it’s creating fun place settings or runners for a garden party feel. We’ve seen this used to great effect at weddings, afternoon tea parties and bridal showers. This product adds real impact without the need for much else, however it’s especially fantastic when paired with sprawling wild flowers, garlands and greenery for a whimsical indoor-garden look.

6. Easter & Spring Décor

Moss is the perfect partner for spring and Easter décor, whether you’re going for full greenery overload with artificial topairy animals or just adding a spring feel to the table with moss used to define place settings. Add cloches and the wholesale glass bottles Australia loves for some interest. And mix in more green foliage from our fake plants range for a full-on lush look. Natural moss also makes a wonderful natural filling for seasonal hampers and gift baskets!

7. Moss Loves Orchids!

Preserved moss is a very simple product, but it’s uses are many, from adding to creative centrepieces and floral arrangements, to finishing potted plants. We love it for professionally finishing both natural and fake orchid displays for a high-end, expensive look! This product is very clean and easy to use – simply pull it apart and tuck it tightly around the base of the plant. Not only does it look super smart, it helps retain soil moisture.

If you’re after the best moss and artificial plants Australia has to offer, then shop online now at Koch & Co to achieve these incredible looks at your next event! We ship all of our home decor products and wholesale glass bottles Australia-wide too!

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