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Floral Displays Inspired by Florence Broadhurst

Floral Displays Inspired by Florence Broadhurst

Floral Displays Inspired by Florence Broadhurst

It takes more than 300,000 stems and flowers to create the David Jones Flower Show. It’s a labour of love that transforms the store floor and all 16 windows with large-scale floral displays interspersed with designer eye candy. The 2013 show is titled The Enchanted Florence and celebrates the work of artist Florence Broadhurst.

Owner of Florence Broadhurst screen prints, David Lennie, curated the show, collaborating with David Jones’ visual merchandisers and florists. Koch & Co regular George from Seed Flora talked to us about the ins and outs of working on such a huge event. Part of a small dedicated team, he loved responding to this year’s theme. “When I heard it was going to be Florence Broadhurst, I thought it was going to be so hard because of the detail in her designs, but really we focused on her pattern and colour. She changed her colour palette all the time so there was a lot to pick from.”

Enchanted Florence Window Floral Display

Enchanted Florence Brances Floral Display

Enchanted Florence Floral Yellow Window Display

The show takes many months to prepare with long hours just before launch. While the windows are dressed during the day, work on the floor starts after the store closes and continues late into the night to make sure everything is perfect. George was reluctant to pick a favourite display, “I’m really happy with everything this year! But if I had to pick just one I’d choose window four, with the red and white flowers against the blue and white wallpaper. I think the models are wearing Alexander McQueen.”

Enchanted Florence Floral Window Display Orange Orchids

Enchanted Florence Floral Window Display Daisy

Enchanted Florence Floral Daisy Window Display

One of the challenges for the team this year was the “upside down” season with many flowers coming into bloom at unusual times. There’s a huge range of flowers on display, including vanda and phalaenopsis orchids, gymea lilies and zinnias. Flowers are bought in from local growers as well as sourced from all corners of the country, including Western Australia, far north Queensland and Tasmania.

Enchanted Florence Floral Display Twigs

Enchanted Florence Floral Display Orchids

Enchanted Florence Floral Display Window


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