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Floral Foam: The foundation of a great flower arrangement

Floral Foam: The foundation of a great flower arrangement

Floral Foam: The foundation of a great flower arrangement

Among a florist’s and flower arranger’s hardest-working best friends, but seldom given the credit it deserves for holding together a wide range of floral displays, is floral foam.

Floral foam is a dense but lightweight material that holds water and keeps its shape even when wet. For these reasons, it makes the ideal base for creating and supporting beautiful and long-lasting fresh flower arrangements.

From table arrangements and centrepieces to wedding bouquets and memorial wreathes – and everything in between– floral foam has may uses, and you’d be surprised at how many different kinds of arrangements and decorations at events depend on this versatile and easy-to-use material for their pleasing forms.

Here are some of the most popular shapes and uses for floral foam.

Bridal Foam Bouquet Holders

Bridal Foam Bouquet Holder

A foam bouquet holder has a plastic handle and half sphere of foam under a plastic cage. This is the perfect way to keep the bridal bouquet fresh and in one piece on the big day – even during the traditional bouquet toss and the catching frenzy.

Both the foam and the handle, which comes in a range of styles itself, can hold water to keep the flowers fresher for longer.

Cages, Casket Covers & Trays

Foam cages, casket covers and trays

This is a fairly broad category of floral foam shapes, but it includes some of the most solid option for creating larger arrangements. Cages, casket covers and trays can be used to create table decorations, funeral tributes and large fresh flower displays.

Most include a base for extra weight and to hold more water, while cages help hold flower arrangements in place and provide additional support especially for larger and taller flowers.

Foam Sheets

Large polystyrene sheets are great for floral walls, dividers, and backdrops for events to stage beautiful photographs. Single sheets are 120cm tall and 5cm thick thick to support all kinds of floral arrangements. They are often used to cut out shapes and letters like ‘Mr & Mrs’.

Floral Foam Bricks

Floral Foam Bricks

The original Oasis floral foam brick makes the perfect base for any floral arrangement. They come in a wide range of sizes and you can cut them into practically any shape you imagine for creative, sturdy and long-lasting floral arrangements.

Foam Spheres

Floral Foam Spheres

Floral foam spheres are a creative way to add extra special decorations to events like weddings, engagements or birthday parties. They are ideal for creating unique hanging displays and floral pomanders and also great for constructing topiary trees.

Floral Foam Cakes & Cones

These foam shapes can be used to create beautiful table centrepieces, whether on round or long tables. As the name suggests, floral foam cakes are great for creating long-lasting floral decorations imitating cakes, while cones can create impressively tall elegant table decorations.

Plus, because floral foam is so good at holding water even the flowers at the very top of a tall cone will still get the nourishment to stay fresh for longer.

Foam Wreath Rings

For the creative Do-It-Yourself-er, a foam wreath is great for creating a truly unique Christmas wreaths that will suit your own special ways of celebrating the holidays.

Wreath rings are also traditionally used to make floral wreathes for occasions like funerals, memorial or remembrance services.

Foam Hearts

Floral Foam Hearts

Of all the floral foam shapes available, hearts are popular because they are perfect for so many occasions and settings. Whether it’s for a wedding, engagement, Valentine’s Day, a birth or a grand romantic gesture, foam hearts provide a reliable base for love-heart shaped floral arrangements.

Hearts and heart shaped wreathes are also suitable for funeral arrangements or memorial services.

General tips for handling floral foam:
– Store in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
– Clean hands after handling foam.
– Do not inhale dust.
– Do not swallow foam.
– Store in low area to avoid eye contact.

Because floral foam is so versatile and you can cut it into almost any shape you want, there’s no limit to the kinds of floral arrangements you can make with them.

Check out our full range of floral foam products for more ideas or let us know your favourite creative uses for them in the comments below.

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