Flower menus for busy seasonal occasions

Flower Menus For Busy Seasonal Occasions

Every florist shop has different clientele and every florist has a different view on how to give their customer the best customer service and offer. So this might mean florists will have a standard menu of products for each important floral occasion like Mother’s Day and other will only offer individual creations to suit the customer’s wishes.

As the seasonal events are often so busy, many professional florists will offer a simple and effective product menu on the day. This approach to the big busy occasions has its advantages.

1. By planning designs around how your fresh product is supplied. If you buy your roses in bunches of 10, you may offer simple bunches of 10 and not twelve to element extra process steps.

2. A menu can help stream line your buying based on your menu and sales forecasts. Don’t forget to check sales from previous years.

3. Preplanning what you are going to offer will assist you to forecast your production time and staff levels to ensure efficiency.

4. It’s best to offer your customer a variety of price points. Creating a product menu allows you to structure this most effectively.

5. Lastly, a flower menu will let you work out which add-on product will best suit for the day.

Once again, these are only some of the advantages of creating a floral menu that suits your client base, store and profile.

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