DIY Glitter Candle Vases

Brr, it’s cold in here. Better whip out some candles for winter cheer, and create table decorations that will add warmth to any dinner party. And what goes better with winter than rustic gold tones?

DIY Glitter Vases

Glitter doesn’t have to mean glitz and glamour: here, it ties in with a rustic, homely feel. The key is a light spray inside the vase rather than outside, so that the sheen of the glitter is turned down a notch.

For DIY candle holders that will add an extra sparkle to any table setting, you’ll need a specialist craft glitter spray paint like Design Master, which is designed to stick well to glass. The best thing about this particular glitter spray is that it’s washable with soap and water, so that your vases can be used again for whatever purpose you need.

Simple, wide vases will do the job for less than $10 each – just make sure the opening is wide enough for you to comfortably coat the inside with spray. Once you’ve applied the glitter, it will be dry and ready to use within minutes, so this is one easy project you can start at the last minute before a special occasion.

The best thing about having pillar candles is that they burn for much longer than other candles, so for less than $6 you get 30 hours of candle life. You can also get huge 80 hour candles with multiple wicks for less than $20. (And yes, there are large vases that fit them too!)

For a finishing touch, surround the vases with silk ivy garlands and vine brambles. While fresh ones may look good for a day, the leaves rot all too quickly, so artificial ones are the way to go if you want something that will last from this winter to the next. A sprinkling of potpourri around the base of your hurricane glass candle holder can be another great way to add a lovely, natural touch to your table decoration.

Create this look for yourself using the products below.

Pillar Candles

Church Pillar Candle

Glass Cylinder Vase

Glass Cylinder Vase

Gold Design Master Spray Paint

Multi Wick Pillar Candle

Glass Cylinder Vase

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  1. Kate

    Hi – thank you so much for the tips, I love candle light, very soft and present a gentle/homely feel. I sure will make some this Xmas to give to friends and family. Simple and not expensive gift. Thanks again Koch team

    1. Koch

      Hi Kate,

      We’re glad you’re inspired. Good luck with the DIY and feel free to send us a photo for posting if you feel like sharing your efforts!


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