How to make a glitter jar candle holder for winter dinner parties

How To Make A Glitter Jar Candle Holder

“Brr, it’s cold in here” – Not really what you want to hear in the middle of your winter dinner party! If you want to keep your guests around for dessert, you better whip out some candles to beat those winter blues and boy do we have the best idea for you!

Why not create some beautiful table decorations that will bring warmth and cheer to your dinner guests? Here’s how to make a glitter jar candle holder – also known as the perfect winter dinner party centerpiece! Watching the glitter sparkle as the night progresses will make for a mesmerising display that your guests will love!

How to make glitter jars for candles

Glitter doesn’t have to mean glitz and glamour – here, it ties in with a rustic, homely feel that is perfect for winter dinner parties. The key is a light spray inside the vase rather than outside; this way the sheen of the glitter settles nicely against the clear glass. So here’s how to make a glitter jar candle holder!

Choosing your glitter spray paint

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a glitter jar candle holder that will stand the test of time – the secret is in your choice of spray paint. For DIY candle holders that will add an extra sparkle to any table setting, you’ll need a specialist craft glitter spray paint. The Design Master ones are a great choice, especially because they’re designed to stick well to glass – kind of like glitter glue for glass. The best thing about this particular glitter spray is that it’s washable with soap and water, so that your vases can be used again for whatever purpose you need.

Choosing your vase

Simple, wide vases will do the job – each for less than $10 here at Koch – just make sure the opening is wide enough for you to comfortably coat the inside with fine glitter spray. Once you’ve applied the glitter, it will be dry and ready to use within minutes, so this is one easy project you can start at the very last minute before your special occasion starts.

Choosing the right candles

Two words: pillar candles. The best thing about using pillar candles is that they burn for much longer than other candles, so for less than $6 you get 30 hours of candle life. You can also get huge 80 hour candles with multiple wicks for less than $20 (and yes, there are large vases that fit them too!)

An alternative option for not so cold nights are battery candles. They’ll offer the same stunning look and feel, plus won’t go out at any point throughout the night – saving you from having to relight over and over!

How to make a glitter jar candle holder

Once you’ve collected all your materials it’s time to get making!

  1. Start by laying out some old newspaper on a flat surface (just in case you miss the vase when you’re spraying!)
  2. Next, place the vases you’re using on the newspaper and start spraying the glitter paint from the inside of the vase.
  3. Once the entire inside has been coated, wait a minute or two for it to dry.
  4. If you want extra glitter, give another coat or two until you are happy with how it looks.
  5. Next, place your pillar candles inside the jar and take to your dinner table ready to display as a beautiful centerpiece!

Decorating with your DIY glitter jar candle holder

Knowing how to make a glitter jar is one thing, but knowing how to display it on your dining table can take things to a whole new level!

For a finishing touch, surround the glitter vases with silk ivy garlands and vine brambles. While fresh ones may look good for a day, the leaves rot all too quickly, so artificial ones are the way to go if you want something that will last from this winter to the next.

A sprinkling of potpourri around the bottom of the jar candle holder can be another great way to add a lovely, natural touch to your table decorations. And if you want to mix it up, try using some scented candles to really set the mood!

Create DIY glitter candle holders for yourself using the products below.

And that is how to make a glitter jar candle holder! Stay up to date with our blog for more DIY ideas! You can also shop everything you need to make this beautiful DIY, including vases, candles and spray paint at Koch & Co online today.

People also asked:

How to clean a candle jar?

To clean wax out of a candle jar, simply place the candle jar into a pot or other large receptacle. Then, pour boiling water into the pot around the candle, ensuring you don’t get any inside of the holder. Once the wax is soft, loosen and remove it with a butter knife.

How to decorate a room with candles on birthdays?

Because candles are so versatile, you can easily arrange candles in clusters and decorate with them. It is recommended that you decorate using tealight candles, as they display the flame in an even, clear-to-see way when you light and arrange them.

How to decorate homes using candles?

Candle holders can be placed on bookshelves, mantels, coffee tables, side tables and more. You can choose colourful candle holders that fit your decor or clear ones to instead show off the flame or the actual colour of the candle inside.

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